9th Class Science Sample Paper Sample Paper - 1 Term - 1

  • question_answer (i) What is the organic farming? (ii) List any three methods for insect pest control.  


    (i) Organic farming It is a farming system with minimal or no use of chemical, as fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides etc., and with maximum input of organic manures, recycled farm-wastes, use of bio-agents such as culture of blue-green algae in preparation of bio fertilizers. (2)                                   (ii) Methods of insects pest control are (a) By spraying contact insecticides e.g., ablation, linden. (b) By  mixing  insecticides  in  soil,  e.g., chloropyriphos. (c) By spraying systematic insecticides e.g., dimethoate.      (1)  


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