10th Class Social Science Sample Paper Sample Paper - 1 Term - 1

  • question_answer   Why was the imperial state in China a major producer of printed material for a long time?   OR Explain what is an epistolary novel, giving an example of the same.                                                                          (3)


      China had a huge bureaucratic system which recruited its personnel through civil service examinations. Textbooks for this examination were printed in vast numbers under the sponsorship of the imperial state.                 From the sixteenth century, the number of examination candidates went up and that increased the volume of print. That is why the imperial state in China was a major producer of printed material for a long time. OR The epistolary novel was written in the form of a series of letters, using this private and personal form of narrative to tell its story. An example was Samuel Richardson's 'Pamela', written in the eighteenth century, which told much of its story through an exchange of letters between two lovers. These letters tell the reader of the hidden conflicts in the heroine's mind.

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