10th Class Social Science Sample Paper Sample Paper - 2 Term - 1

  • question_answer (a) Three locations are shown on the outline map of India. Identify them and write their names on the lines marked on the map.                              (3) 1. A state which has less than 10% net sown area. 2. A Tiger Reserve bordering Bhutan in the state of Asom. 3. A river on whose waters there is a dispute between Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. (b) On the map, locate, mark and label the following appropriately.        (2) 1. (i) A port in eastern India which was famous for cotton exports in the seventeenth century. OR (ii) A town where the Elgin Mills were established. OR (iii) The capital of the Madras Presidency in British times. 2. (i) The place where the Portuguese brought the first printing press to India. OR (ii) The state in which the novel Indulekha, highlighting the marriage practices of upper caste Hindus, is based.


    (a)   1. Mizoram 2. Manas Tiger Reserve 3. Kaveri (b) On the map, locate, mark and label the following appropriately 1. (i) Masulipatam    OR    (ii) Kanpur OR (iii) Madras 2. (i) Goa    OR    (ii) Kerala


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