6th Class Science Sample Paper Science Olympiad Model Test Paper-17

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    Fill in the blanks. A dry cell is the source of\[\underline{\,\,\,\,a\,\,\,\,}\]it has\[\underline{\,\,\,\,b\,\,\,\,}\]terminals. The metal cap of the dry cell is he\[\underline{\,\,\,\,c\,\,\,\,}\]whereas metal disc is the\[\underline{\,\,\,\,d\,\,\,\,}\].

    A) a-electricity; b-two; c-negative terminal; d-positive terminal

    B) a-electricity; b-two; c-positive terminal; d-negative terminal

    C) a-electricity; b-three; c-neutral terminal; d-positive terminal

    D) a-electricity; b-four; c-positive terminal; d-neutral terminal

    E) None of these

    Correct Answer: B

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