8th Class Social Science Sample Paper Social Science Sample Paper - 10

  • question_answer What are the main factors responsible for soil degradation?                                                          


    The main factors responsible for soil degradation are:
    (i) Landslides: It involves large-scale displacement of soil and rocks from the hilly areas, leading to soil degradation in mountainous regions.
    (ii) Rain wash: It includes washing up of the topsoil in the areas of high precipitation.
    (iii) Floods: Floods are another most important cause responsible for the soil degradation in terms of quantity as well as quality.
    (iv) Deforestation: Large-scale forest destruction by man to fulfill their own needs is one of the major causes responsible for soil destruction.
    (v) Overgrazing: It reduces the usefulness of the land and is one of the causes of desertification and erosion.
    (vi) Overuse of chemicals: Excessive use of fertilizers and pesticides to increase the agricultural production is one of the major causes for soil pollution.
    (vii) Urbanization: Large-scale urbanization is the major cause for the destruction of fertile soil due to encroachment of the fertile areas.

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