7th Class Social Science Sample Paper Social Science Sample Paper - 8

  • question_answer In what ways has the meaning of the term "Hindustan" changed over the centuries.       



    (i) The term ?Hindustan? was first used in 13th century, by Minhaj-i-Siraj. He used this term in political sense for lands that were the part of dominion of Delhi sultanate.
    (ii) In early 16th century, this term was used by Babur to describe the geography, the fauna and the culture of the inhabitants of the subcontinent. In fourteenth century, poet Amir Khusrau used the word ?Hind? for the same. While the idea of a geographical and cultural entity like ?India? existed but the term Hindustan did not carry the political and national meanings which we associate with it today.
    (iii) Today, we understand the term ?Hindustan? as ?India?, the modern nation?state.


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