JEE Main & Advanced Chemistry Chemical Kinetics / रासायनिक बलगतिकी Sample Paper Topic Test - Chemical Kinetics

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    The velocity constant of a reaction at 280 K is \[1.6\times {{10}^{-4}}\]. The velocity constant of the same reaction at 300 K is

    A) \[1.6\times {{10}^{-4}}\]                     

    B) \[0.8\times {{10}^{-4}}\]

    C) \[6.4\times {{10}^{-4}}\]         

    D) \[3.2\times {{10}^{-4}}\]

    Correct Answer: C

    Solution :

    The rate of reaction and therefore, velocity constant becomes double for every \[10{}^\circ \] rise in temperature. For \[20{}^\circ \] rise in temperature \['k'\] becomes four times
    i.e., \[4\times 1.6\times {{10}^{-4}}=6.4\times {{10}^{-4}}\].

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