JEE Main & Advanced Chemistry Chemical Kinetics / रासायनिक बलगतिकी Sample Paper Topic Test - Chemical Kinetics

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    In presence of catalyst, the activation energy is lowered by 3 kcal at \[27{}^\circ C\]. Hence, the rate of reaction will increase by

    A) 32 times          

    B) 243 times

    C) 2 times            

    D) 148 times

    Correct Answer: D

    Solution :

    \[\frac{\text{Rate in presence of catalyst}}{\text{Rate in absence of catalyst}}=\text{Anti}\,\text{log}\left[ \frac{\Delta E}{2.303\,RT} \right]\] \[=\,\text{Anti}\,\text{log}\left[ \frac{3000}{2.303\times 2\times 300} \right]=148\]

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