JEE Main & Advanced Chemistry Chemical Kinetics / रासायनिक बलगतिकी Sample Paper Topic Test - Chemical Kinetics

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    A gaseous compound A reacts by three independent first-order processes (as shown in the figure) with rate constants \[2\times {{10}^{-3}},\,3\times {{10}^{-3}}\] and \[1.93\times {{10}^{-3}}{{s}^{-1}}\] products B, C and D respectively. If initially pure A  was taken in a closed container with P = 8 atm, then the partial pressure of B (in atm) after 100 s from start of experiment will be:

    A) 0.288                           

    B) 0.577       

    C) 1.154  

    D) None of these

    Correct Answer: C

    Solution :

    Overall rate constant =
    \[k={{k}_{1}}+{{k}_{2}}+{{k}_{3}}=6.93\times {{10}^{-3}}\]
    \[{{t}_{1/2}}=\frac{0.693}{6.93\times {{10}^{-3}}}=100s\]
    After half life, \[{{P}_{B}}+{{P}_{C}}+{{P}_{D}}=4atm\]
    \[{{P}_{B}}=4\times \frac{200}{693}=1.154\,atm\]

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