JEE Main & Advanced Physics Work, Energy, Power & Collision / कार्य, ऊर्जा और शक्ति Sample Paper Topic Test - Work Energy Power

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    A ball of mass m moving with velocity V makes a head-on elastic collision with a ball of the same mass moving with velocity 2V towards it. Taking direction of V, the positive velocities of the two balls after collision are

    A) \[-V\]and 2V

    B) 2V and \[-V\]

    C) V and \[-2V\]

    D) \[-2V\]and V

    Correct Answer: D

    Solution :

    [d] Initial velocities of balls are \[+V\]and\[-2V\], respectively, and we know that for given condition velocities get interchanged after collision .So the velocities of two balls after collision are \[-2V\]and V, respectively.

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