CLAT Sample Paper UG-CLAT Mock Test-1 (2020)

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    Study the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below:
    Culture can play a huge role in the shaping of an individual’'s identity and behavior, this can happen through a theory known as the '‘tool kit theory'’. The tool kit theory as introduced by Swidler, is a combination of the internal and external elements of culture. An individual seeks out activities that cater to their cultural competences in order to be successful. These competences may be a big part of someone’'s identity. For example, if an individual considered being a student as a main factor of their identity and they were intellectually developed, using this competence they could have a higher chance of succeeding academically. In addition to this, culture can modify behavior as culture dictates the expectations that have to be met to ensure acceptance into a social group. Individuals will modify their behavior to fit others as this will provide a sense of belonging and protection. But sometimes, this creates moderate level of anxiety in the minds of individuals and further prolonged anxious state creates social abnormal behaviors.
    What is the inference about “Tool Kit Theory”?

    A) It postulates the formation of identity

    B) Internal factors of cultural identity

    C) External competency of identity

    D) Combination of elements of culture

    Correct Answer: D

    Solution :

    Rationale: (d) Reasoning type: Criteria reasoning\[\to \]comparing against established criteria Focus of the question: Inference\[\to \]find the reason behind an idea Relationship analogy: Object and Function Analogy\[\to \]where one factor is object and another one is the related function The question focuses on the inference about the idea behind the tool kit theory. The theory conveys a combination of the internal and external elements of culture in the cultural competencies.

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