CLAT Sample Paper UG-CLAT Mock Test-1 (2020)

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    Study the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below:
    Till date, Black civil rights movements are still actively battling against some of the primary issues those similar liberation movements in the past. Certain elements have either remained constant overtime to take on new forms more practicable in modern society. The racial socialization and the representation of black people overtime as a result of American cultural hegemony has led to a near irreversible devaluation of black lives and communities and this devaluation will continue to be on an upward trajectory until the root matters are adequately attended to and mutually beneficial policies are implemented. This will ultimately have a ripple effect as the United States being a world power, sets precedents for less powerful states and thus is of immense importance.
    What is the shady role of American GovernmentÂ’s law that has led to irreversible devaluation of black lives and communities?

    A) The government has not shows interest in a law that deals the problem from the root cause

    B) The government did not want to enact for valuate black civilians since there are white civilians in major

    C) The government has ripple effect since the black movements are up coming and made it complicated

    D) The government refers and applies the law that had favored against black civilians in the past situations

    Correct Answer: D

    Solution :

    Rationale: (d) Reasoning type: Analogical Reasoning\[\to \]relating things to novel other situations Focus of the question: Assumption\[\to \]seeking possible reason for the problem Relationship analogy: Cause and Effect Analogy\[\to \]where two things are related with each other in terms of cause and effect The solution to a problem depends on the range or level of the problem according to the time or chronology of the problem. The solution obtained in the past situations of a problem cannot be applied to the same problem in the present time scenario. Thus the solution needs to be enhanced or amended from time to time. America follows the past precedents of laws that favored hegemony of US in the past situations, which may not be useful for the modern conditions. This has led to devaluation of the black people and community in USA.

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