CLAT Sample Paper UG-CLAT Mock Test-2 (2020)

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    ‘'Come quickly. Shiva'’s tribe has fallen ill.’'
    '‘Already? But this is only the first night'!’ exclaimed Nandi. Picking up his angvastram he said, '‘Let’s go!’'
    The bathroom seemed a strange place for a bath. Shiva was used to splashing about in the chilly Mansarovar Lake for his bi-monthly ablutions. The bathroom felt strangely constricted. He turned the magical device on the wall to increase the flow of water. He used the strange cake-like substance that the Meluhans said was a soap to rub the body clean. Ayurvati had been very clear. The soap had to be used.
    He turned the water off and picked up the towel. As he rubbed himself vigorously, the mystifying development he had ignored in the past few hours came flooding back. His shoulder felt better than new.
    He looked down in awe at his knee. No pain, no scar. He stared in wonder at his completely healed toe.
    And then he realised that it wasn'’t just the injured parts, but his entire body felt new, rejuvenated and stronger than ever. His neck, though, still felt intolerably cold.    
    What the devil is going on?
    He stepped out of the bathroom and quickly wore a new dhoti. Again, Ayurvati'’s strict instructions were not to wear his old clothes which were stained by his sweat. As he was putting on the angvastram around his neck for some warmth, there was a knock on the door. It was Ayurvati. '‘Shiva, can you open the door please? I just want to check whether you are all right.’'
    Shiva opened the door. Ayurvati stepped in and checked Shiva’'s temperature; it was normal. Ayurvati nodded slightly and said, '‘You seem to be healthy. And your tribe is recovering quickly as well. The trouble has passed.’'
    Shiva smiled gratefully. '“Thanks to the skills and efficiency of your team. I am truly sorry for arguing with you earlier. It was unnecessary. I know you meant well.’'
    Ayurvati looked up from her palm-leaf booklet with a slight smile and a raised eyebrow. ‘'Being polite, are we?’'
    '‘I'’m not that rude, you know,’' grinned Shiva. '‘You people are just too supercilious!’'
    Ayurvati suddenly stopped listening as she stared at Shiva with a stunned look on her face. How had she not noticed it before? She had never believed in the legend. Was she going to be the first one to see it come true? Pointing weakly with her hands she mumbled, ‘'Why have you covered your neck?’'
    '‘It'’s very cold for some reason. Is it something to get worried about?'’ asked Shiva as he pulled the angvastram off.
    A cry resounded loudly through the silent room as Ayurvati staggered back. Her hand covered her mouth in shock while the palm leaves scattered on the floor. Her knees were too weak to hold her up. She collapsed with her back against the wall, never once taking her eyes off Shiva. Tears broke through her proud eyes. She kept repeating, ‘'Om Brahmaye namah. Om Brahmaye namah.’'
    '‘What happened? Is it serious?'’ asked a worried Shiva.
    'You have come! My Lord, you have come!’'
    Before a bewildered Shiva could react to her strange reaction, Nandi rushed in and noticed Ayurvati on the ground. Copious’ tears were flowing down her face.
    ‘'What happened, my lady?’' asked a startled Nandi.  
    Ayurvati just pointed at Shiva'’s neck. Nandi looked up. The neck shone an eerie iridescent blue. With a cry that sounded like that of a long caged animal just released from captivity, Nandi collapsed on his knees. '‘My Lord! You have come! The Neelkanth has come!’'
    The Captain bent low and brought his head down to touch the Neelkanth’s feet reverentially. The object of his adoration however, stepped back, befuddled and perturbed.
    '‘What the hell is going on here?'’ Shiva asked agitatedly.
    Holding a hand .to his freezing neck, he turned around to the polished copper plate and stared in stunned astonishment at the reflection of his neel kanth; his blue throat.
    Why did Ayurvati stared at Shiva with a stunned look?

    A) She saw Shiva naked in the bathroom

    B) She saw Shiva completely healed and rejuvenated

    C) She saw a miracle

    D) She had noticed something in Shiva that she did not believe in

    Correct Answer: D

    Solution :

    (d) Ayurvati suddenly stopped listening as she stared at Shiva with a stunned look on her face. How had she not noticed it before? She had never believed in the legend. Was she going to be the first one to see it come true?

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