CLAT Sample Paper UG-CLAT Mock Test-9 (2020)

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    On 19 April 1993, the flight was to arrive around 2 am. People had gathered in hundreds outside the Sabar Airport, International terminal. Sanjay’'s family was there accompanied by their film fraternity, as were hundreds of political supporters of Sunil Dutt all set to show solidarity, and of course, the media. My strategy hinged on the arrest to be swift and quick and without providing the hordes gathered outside an opportunity to dramatise it.
    I was in my civvies, waiting with the team on the aerobridge where it meets the aircraft. Sanjay Dutt, a first class passenger, was the first to disembark out of the aircraft door. As he did, I put my hand round his shoulder and drew him aside. I did not know him. So I introduced myself, “"I am DCP Rakesh Maria. Where are your boarding pass and passport? Give them to me.”"
    He looked at me dazed and in a state of shock and meekly handed over the passport and boarding pass without a word.
    I gave them to one of my officers who left to collect his bags. I walked Sanjay Dutt down the steps, from the aerobridge ladder near the aircraft door, on to the tarmac. As per the plan, two vehicles were waiting for us there: my official Ambassador car and a Crime Branch jeep. I sat in my car, next to the driver and Sanjay Dutt was made to sit behind between two constables.
    The Domestic terminal at Santacruz and the International terminal at Sahar share the same airstrips. With the jeep closely following us, we drove on the tarmac to Santacruz - the Domestic terminal. No one spoke a word to Sanjay Dutt during the entire journey. I had categorically instructed the constables that whatever he said or asked, they must not respond, nor utter a single word.
    Sanjay repeatedly kept enquiring as to where we were taking him. He kept moaning that his father, his family were waiting for him. “"You cannot do this. Let me meet them once. Let me meet my father!"” he kept saying, but none of us uttered even a word. The constables sat totally expressionless, without even turning their faces to look at Sanjay. Like stone statues!
    Coming out of the Santacruz Domestic Airport, we brought Sanjay straight to the Crime Branch in the CP’'s office at Crawford Market. He was taken to a room with an attached toilet that I had already identified earlier in the day. It was manned by carefully selected handpicked guards. Nobody except me was to speak to him; nobody was allowed to enter the room without my permission. If he wanted to use the toilet, he was to keep its door ajar. Smoking too was prohibited.
    What was the reaction of the celebrity when the writer introduced himself?

    A) Shock

    B) Surprise

    C) Happiness

    D) None of the above

    Correct Answer: A

    Solution :

    (a) He looked at me dazed and in a state of shock and meekly handed over the passport and boarding pass without a word.

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