CLAT Sample Paper UG-CLAT Mock Test-9 (2020)

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    Reluctantly did Nagendra Natha take Kunda with him to Calcutta. On arriving there he made much search for her aunt’'s husband, but he found no one in Sham Bazar named Binod Ghosh. He found a Binod Das, who admitted no relationship. Thus’ Kunda remained as a burthen upon Nagendra.
    Nagendra had one sister, younger than himself, named Kamal Mani, whose father-in-law’'s house was in Calcutta. Her husband’'s name was Srish Chandra Mittra. Srish Babu was accountant in the house of plunder. Fairly, and Co. It was a great house, and Srish Chandra was wealthy. He was much attached to his brother-in-law. Nagendra took Kunda Nandini thither, and imparted her story to Kamal Mani.
    Kamal was about eighteen years of age. In features she resembled Nagendra; both brother and sister were very handsome. But, in addition to her beauty, Kamal was famed for her learning. Nagendra'’s father, engaging an English teacher, had had Kamal Mani and Surja Mukhi well instructed. Kamal'’s mother-in-law was living, but she dwelt in Srish Chandra'’s ancestral home. In Calcutta Kamal Mani was house-mistress.
    When he had finished the story of Kunda Nandini, Nagendra said, "“Unless you will keep her here, there is no place for her. Later, when I return home, I will take her to Govindpur with me.”"
    Kamal was very mischievous. When Nagendra had turned away, she snatched up Kunda in her arms and ran off with her. A tub of not very hot water stood in an adjoining room, and suddenly Kamal threw Kunda into it. Kunda was quite frightened. Then Kamal, laughing, took some scented soap and proceeded to wash Kunda. An attendant, seeing Kamal thus employed, bustled up, saying, “"I will do it!" I will do it!” but Kamal, sprinkling some of the hot water over the woman, sent her running away. Kamal having bathed and rubbed Kunda, she appeared like a dew-washed lotus. Then Kamal, having robed her in a beautiful white garment, dressed her hair with scented oil, and decorated her with ornaments, said to her: “"Now go and salute the Dada Babu (elder brother), and return, but mind you do not thus to the master of the house: if he should see you he will want to marry you.”"
    Nagendra Natha wrote Kunda’'s history to Surja Mukhi. Also when writing to an intimate friend of his living at a distance, named Hara Deb Ghosal, he spoke of Kunda in the following terms:
    "“Tell me what you consider to be the age of beauty in woman. You will say after forty, because your Brahmini is a year or two more than that. The girl Kunda, whose history I have given you, is thirteen. On looking at her, it seems as if that were the age of beauty. The sweetness and simplicity that precede the budding-time of youth are never seen afterwards. This Kunda’'s simplicity is astonishing; she understands nothing. To-day she even wished to run into the streets to play with the boys. On being forbidden, she was much frightened, and desisted. Kamal is teaching her, and says she shows much aptitude in learning, but she does not understand other things. For instance, her large blue eyes—eyes swimming ever like the autumn lotus in clear water—these two eyes may be fixed upon my face, but they say nothing. I lose my senses gazing on them; I cannot explain better.
    Who was the intimate friend of Nagendra Nath?

    A) Surja Mukhi   

    B) Hara Deb Ghoshal

    C) Srish Chandra Mittra

    D) An unnamed English teacher

    Correct Answer: B

    Solution :

    (b) Nagendra Natha wrote Kunda's history to Surja Mukhi. Also when writing to an intimate friend of his living at a distance, named Hara Deb Ghosal, he spoke of Kunda in the following terms.

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