Solved papers for 12th Class Economics Solved Paper - Economics 2016 Outside Delhi Set-II

done Solved Paper - Economics 2016 Outside Delhi Set-II Total Questions - 10

  • question_answer1) When does 'Change in quantity demanded' take place?

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  • question_answer2) What happens to the difference between Average Total Cost and Average Variable Cost as production is increased?

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  • question_answer3) A consumer consumes only two goods X and Y. Marginal utilities of X and Y are 4 and 3 respectively. Price of X and price of Y is Rs. 3 per unit. Is consumer in equilibrium? What will be further reaction of the consumer? Give reasons.

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  • question_answer4) When price of a good rises from Rs. 10 to Rs. 12 per unity, the producer supplies 10 percent more. Calculate price elasticity of supply.

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  • question_answer5) Define utility. Explain the Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility.

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  • question_answer6) Define Fiscal deficit.

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  • question_answer7) 
    An economy is in equilibrium. Find investment expenditure:
                National income                                              = 1200
                Autonomous consumption expenditure           = 150
                Marginal Propensity to consume                      = 0.8

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  • question_answer8) If nominal income is Rs. 500 and price index is 125, calculate real income.

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  • question_answer9) Explain the role of Cash Reserve Ratio in controlling credit creation.

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  • question_answer10) 
    Calculate Net National Product at Market Price
    (i) Net current transfers to abroad 10
    (ii) Private final consumption expenditure 500
    (iii) Current transfers from government 30
    (iv) Net exports \[()20\]
    (v) Net indirect tax 120
    (vi) National debt interest 70
    (vii) Net domestic capital formation 80
    (viii) Income accuring to government 60
    (ix) Income accruing to government 60
    (x) Government final consumption expenditure 100

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Solved Paper - Economics 2016 Outside Delhi Set-II


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