Chhattisgarh PMT Chhattisgarh PMT Solved Paper-2008

  • question_answer Tendons and ligaments are specialized types of

    A)  nervous tissue                

    B)  muscular tissue

    C)  epithelial tissue              

    D)  connective tissue

    Correct Answer: D

    Solution :

    Tendons and ligaments are the dense, fibrous connective tissues. Fibrous connective tissues are mainly made of collagen fibres arranged in bundles. Tendon connects a skeletal muscle to a bone while ligaments connect bones together. Muscular tissue is mesodermal in origin, and responsible for the various movements or contractivity in an animal. Fine fibrous connective tissue surrounding individual muscle fibre is called endomycium. On the basis of structure, location and functions, the muscular tissue is classified into (i) skeletal (ii) visceral and (iii) cardiac muscle. Epithelial tissue or more simply epithelium covers and lines body surface and forms glands. It is also called, the covering tissue. The epithelial tissue rests on a thin extracellular basement membrane, secreted partly by epithelial cells and partly by underlying connective tissue. Epithelium arises from ectoderm (skin epidermis), mesoderm (coelomic epithelium) and endoderm (gut epithelium). Nervous tissue is made of nervous cells, originating from embryonic ectoderm. Cells are named as neurons and neuroglia. Neurons form the structural and functional unit of nervous system while neuroglia forms the connective tissue of nervous system which performs support and protection.


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