Chhattisgarh PMT Chhattisgarh PMT Solved Paper-2009

  • question_answer Which of the following is a mismatch?

    A) \[\text{ }\!\!\beta\!\!\text{ -}\]cells of islets of Langerhans--insulin

    B)  \[\text{ }\!\!\alpha\!\!\text{ -}\]celis of islets ofLangerhans--insulin

    C)  Leydig cells -- testosterone

    D)  Corpus luteum -- progesterone

    Correct Answer: B

    Solution :

    In pancreas, the a-cells of islets of Langerhans constitute about 25% of total cells and secrete glucagon, (3-cells are more than 60% of all the cells and secrete insulin, while 5-cells are about 10% of total cells and secrete somatostatin. Leydig cells of testes secrete testosterone, while corpus-luteum leads to the secretion of progesterone hormone.


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