Haryana PMT Haryana PMT Solved Paper-2011

  • question_answer Two bulbs A and B are connected in parallel.       Bulb A will glow more than bulb B. If their             resistances are \[{{R}_{A}}\] and \[{{R}_{B}}\] respectively. Then

    A)                  \[{{R}_{A}}<{{R}_{B}}\]                                

    B)  \[{{R}_{A}}={{R}_{B}}\]

    C)                  \[{{R}_{A}}>{{R}_{B}}\]                                

    D)  None of these

    Correct Answer: A

    Solution :

                    Since, bulbs A and B are connected in parallel, therefore the potential across both the bulbs is same, i.e.,                 \[V{{=}^{i}}_{A}{{R}_{A}}={{i}_{B}}{{R}_{B}}\]                 But bulb A glow more than bulb B                 Therefore,      \[{{i}_{A}}{{>}^{i}}_{B}\]                   Hence,           \[{{R}_{A}}<{{R}_{B}}\]         \[\left[ i\alpha \frac{1}{R} \right]\]


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