JCECE Engineering JCECE Engineering Solved Paper-2002

  • question_answer The compound obtained by the reaction of acetic anhydride and ammonia is:

    A) \[C{{H}_{3}}COON{{H}_{4}}\]    

    B) \[C{{H}_{3}}CN\]

    C) \[C{{H}_{3}}CONHC{{H}_{3}}\]  

    D) \[C{{H}_{3}}CON{{H}_{2}}\]

    Correct Answer: D

    Solution :

    Key Idea: The reaction of anhydride of ammonia is called ammonolysis. It results in formation of amide. \[\underset{acetic\,\,anhydride}{\mathop{{{(C{{H}_{3}}CO)}_{2}}O+2N{{H}_{3}}}}\,\xrightarrow{{}}\underset{acetamide}{\mathop{2C{{H}_{3}}CON{{H}_{2}}}}\,\]


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