JCECE Medical JCECE Medical Solved Paper-2008

  • question_answer Cristae are associated with which of the following?

    A)  Mitochondria

    B)  Cytoplasm

    C)  Protoplasm

    D)  Endoplasmic reticulum

    Correct Answer: A

    Solution :

     Mitochondrion is bound by two highly specialized membranes. The outer membrane is smooth and has many copies of a transport protein called porin. The inner membrane is impermeable and highly convoluted, forming a series of infoldings known as cristae, in the matrix   space.   The   cristae   of   plant mitochondrion are tubular, while those of animal mitochondria are lamellar or plate like. Repeated units of stalked particles called elementary particles or oxysomes are attached to cristae. They are meant for ATP synthesis  and also for ATP oxidation. The living contents of a cell, ie, the cytoplasm and nucleus are called protoplasm. The cytoplasm is distinguished into cytosol (colloidal organic fluid) and cytoplasmic structures   (cytoplasmic   inclusions   and cytoplasmic organelles). Within the cytoplasm of most animal cells is an extensive network of membrane limited channels collectively called endoplasmic reticulum. It may be rough (presence of ribosomes) or smooth (absence of ribosomes). The smooth endoplasmic reticulum causes lipid metabolism, glycogenolysis and, drug   detoxification,   while   the   rough endoplasmic   reticulum   causes   protein synthesis.


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