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  • question_answer1) For complete combustion of ethanol, \[{{C}_{2}}{{H}_{5}}OH(\ell )+3{{O}_{2}}(g)\to 2C{{O}_{2}}(g)+3{{H}_{2}}O(\ell ),\]the amount ofheat produced as measured in bomb calorimeter, is \[1364.47\,\text{kJ}\,\text{mo}{{\text{l}}^{-1}}\] at \[25{}^\circ C\]. Assuming ideality theEnthalpy of combustion, \[\Delta \text{cH,}\] for the reaction will be : \[(\text{R = 8}\text{.314 kJ mo}{{\text{l}}^{\text{-1}}})\]   JEE Main  Solved  Paper-2014

    A)  \[\text{-1460}\text{.50 kJ mo}{{\text{l}}^{\text{-1}}}\] 

    B)  \[\text{-1350}\text{.50 kJ mo}{{\text{l}}^{\text{-1}}}\]

    C) \[\text{-1366}\text{.95 kJ mo}{{\text{l}}^{\text{-1}}}\]  

    D)  \[\text{-1361}\text{.95 kJ mo}{{\text{l}}^{\text{-1}}}\]

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