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done Manipal Medical Solved Paper-2005

  • question_answer1) A heavy uniform chain lies on a horizontal top of table. If the coefficient of friction between the chain and the table is 0.25 sec, then the maximum percentage of the length of the chain that can hang over one edge of the table is:

    A) 20%

    B) 25%

    C) 35 %

    D) 15%

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  • question_answer2) A weight\[\omega \]is suspended from the midpoint of a rope, whose ends are at the same level. In order to make the rope perfectly horizontal, the force applied to each of its ends must be:

    A) less than \[\omega \]

    B) equal to \[\omega \]

    C) equal to \[2\omega \]

    D) infinitely large

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  • question_answer3) A disc of mass 100 g is kept floating horizontally in air by firing bullets, each of mass 5 g with the same velocity at the same rate of 10 bullets per second. The bullets rebound with the same speed in opposite direction, the velocity of each bullet at the time of impact is:

    A) 196 cm/s

    B) 9.8 cm/s

    C) 98 cm/s

    D) 980 cm/s

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  • question_answer4) The velocity of a particle at an instant is 10 m/s. After 3 s its velocity will become 16 m/s. The velocity at 2 s, before the given instant will be:

    A) 6 m/s

    B) 4 m/s

    C) 2m/s

    D) 1 m/s

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  • question_answer5) A heavy stone hanging from a massless string of length 15m is projected horizontally with speed 147 m/s. The speed of the particle at the point where the tension in the string equals the weight of the particle is?

    A) 10 m/s

    B) 7 m/s

    C) 12 m/s

    D) None of the above

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  • question_answer6) When a body moves with constant speed in a circular path, then:

    A) work done will be zero

    B) acceleration will be zero

    C) no force acts on the body

    D) its velocity remains constant

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  • question_answer7) Two stones are projected with same velocity\[\upsilon \] at an angle\[\theta \]&\[(90-\theta )\]. If H and hi are the greatest heights in the two paths, what is the relation between\[R,H\]and\[{{H}_{1}}\]?

    A) \[R=4\sqrt{H{{H}_{1}}}\]

    B) \[R=\sqrt{H{{H}_{1}}}\]

    C) \[R=4\,H{{H}_{1}}\]

    D) None of the above

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  • question_answer8) A body initially at rest is moving with uniform acceleration a. Its velocity after n second is\[\upsilon \]. The displacement of the body in 2 s is:

    A) \[\frac{2\upsilon (n-1)}{n}\]

    B) \[\frac{\upsilon (n-1)}{n}\]

    C) \[\frac{\upsilon (n+1)}{n}\]

    D) \[\frac{2\upsilon (n+1)}{n}\]

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  • question_answer9) The magnetic force on a point charge is \[\overrightarrow{F}=q(\overrightarrow{v}\times \overrightarrow{B})\] Here,\[q=\]electric charge \[\overrightarrow{v}=\]velocity of point charge \[\overrightarrow{B}=\]magnetic field The dimensions of B is:

    A) \[[ML{{T}^{-1}}A]\]

    B) \[[{{M}^{2}}L{{T}^{-2}}{{A}^{-1}}]\]

    C) \[[M{{T}^{-2}}{{A}^{-1}}]\]

    D) none of these

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  • question_answer10) The first diffraction minimum due to single slit diffraction is\[\theta ,\]for a light of wave length\[5000\overset{o}{\mathop{\text{A}}}\,\]. If the width of the slit is\[1\times {{10}^{-4}}cm,\] then the value of\[\theta \]is:

    A) \[30{}^\circ \]

    B) \[45{}^\circ \]

    C) \[60{}^\circ \]

    D) \[15{}^\circ \]

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  • question_answer11) A stone of mass m tied to a string of length / is rotated in a circle with the other end of the string as the centre. The speed of the stone is\[\upsilon \]. If the string breaks, the stone will:

    A) move towards the centre

    B) move away from the centre

    C) move along tangent

    D) stop

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  • question_answer12) A body of mass 2 kg is placed on rough r horizontal plane. The coefficient of friction between body and plane is 0.2. Then:

    A) body will move in forward direction if\[F=5N\]

    B) body will move in backward direction with acceleration\[0.5\text{ }m/{{s}^{2}},\]if force\[F=3N\]

    C) If\[F=3N,\]then body will be in rest condition

    D) both [a] & [c] are correct

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  • question_answer13) A particle moves with ,a velocity\[(5\hat{i}-3\hat{j}+6\hat{k})\] m/s under the influence of a constant force \[\overrightarrow{F}=10\hat{i}+10\hat{j}+12\hat{k}N.\]The instantaneous power applied to the particle is:

    A) 200 J/s

    B) 40 J/s

    C) 140 J/s

    D) 170 J/s

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  • question_answer14) The potential energy of a particle of 5 kg moving in the\[x-y\] plane is given by\[U=(-7x+24y)J.x\And y\]being in metre. If the particle starts from rest from origin, then speed of particle at\[t=2\text{ }s\]is:

    A) 5 m/s

    B) 14 m/s

    C) 175 m/s

    D) 10 m/s

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  • question_answer15) Find the velocity of centre of mass of the system shown in the figure?

    A) \[\left( \frac{2+2\sqrt{3}}{3} \right)\hat{i}-\frac{2}{3}\hat{j}\]

    B) \[4\hat{i}\]

    C) \[\left( \frac{2-2\sqrt{3}}{3} \right)\hat{i}-\frac{1}{3}\hat{j}\]

    D) None of the above

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  • question_answer16) The ratio of radii of gyration of a circular disc and a circular ring of the same radii and same mass about a tangential axis in the plane is:

    A) \[1:2\]

    B) \[\sqrt{5}:\sqrt{6}\]

    C) \[2:3\]

    D) \[2:1\]

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  • question_answer17) A particle performs uniform circular motion with an angular momentum L. If the frequency of particle motion is doubled and its KE is halved, the angular momentum becomes:

    A) \[2L\]

    B) \[4L\]

    C) \[\frac{L}{2}\]

    D) \[\frac{L}{4}\]

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  • question_answer18) If a particle of mass m is projected at an angle a with the horizontal, then:

    A) the angular momentum remains constant

    B) the linear momentum of particle remains constant

    C) total mechanical energy remains constant in the absence of air resistance

    D) all the above

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  • question_answer19) The minimum energy required to launch a\[m\text{ }kg\]satellite from earths surface in a circular orbit at an altitude of\[2R/R\]is the radius of earth, will be:

    A) \[3\,mgR\]

    B) \[\frac{5}{6}\,mgR\]

    C) \[2\,mgR\]

    D) \[\frac{1}{5}\,mgR\]

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  • question_answer20) A satellite is moving on a circular path of radius r around the earth has a time period T. If its radius slightly increases by\[\Delta r,\]the change in its time period is:

    A) \[\frac{3}{2}\left( \frac{T}{r} \right)\Delta r\]

    B) \[\left( \frac{T}{r} \right)\Delta r\]

    C) \[\frac{3}{2}\left( \frac{{{T}^{2}}}{{{r}^{2}}} \right)\Delta r\]

    D) none of these

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  • question_answer21) A planet revloves in elliptical orbit around the sun. The linear speed of the planet will be maximum at:

    A) A

    B) B

    C) C

    D) D

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  • question_answer22) A particle executes SHM, its time period is 16 s. If it passes through the centre of oscillation then its velocity is 2 m/s at time 2 s. The amplitude will be:

    A) 7.2 m

    B) 4 cm

    C) 6 cm

    D) 0.72 m

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  • question_answer23) A simple harmonic oscillator has amplitude\[A,\]angular velocity\[\omega ,\]and mass\[m\]. Then average energy in one time period will be:

    A) \[\frac{1}{4}m{{\omega }^{2}}{{A}^{2}}\]

    B) \[\frac{1}{2}m{{\omega }^{2}}{{A}^{2}}\]

    C) \[m{{\omega }^{2}}{{A}^{2}}\]

    D) 0

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  • question_answer24) A particle executes simple harmonic motion with a frequency/. The frequency with which the potential energy oscillates is:

    A) \[f\]

    B) \[f/2\]

    C) \[2f\]

    D) 0

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  • question_answer25) The wave front due to a source situated at infinity is:

    A) spherical

    B) cylindrical

    C) plemar

    D) none of these

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  • question_answer26) An astronaut is approaching the moon. He sends out a radio signal of frequency 5000 MHz and the frequency of echo is different from that of the, original frequency by 100 kHz. His velocity of approach with respect to the moon is:

    A) 2 km/s

    B) 3 km/s

    C) 4 km/s

    D) 5 km/s

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  • question_answer27) When a sphere is taken to bottom of sea 1 km deep, it contracts by 0.01%. The bulk modulus of elasticity of the material of sphere is: (Given : Density of water\[=1\text{ }g/c{{m}^{3}}\])

    A) \[9.8\times {{10}^{10}}N/{{m}^{2}}\]

    B) \[10.2\times {{10}^{10}}N/{{m}^{2}}\]

    C) \[0.98\times {{10}^{10}}N/{{m}^{2}}\]

    D) \[8.4\times {{10}^{10}}N/{{m}^{2}}\]

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  • question_answer28) The temperature of\[{{H}_{2}}\]at which the rms velocity of its molecules is seven times the rms velocity of the molecules of nitrogen at 300 K is:

    A) 2100 K

    B) 1700 K

    C) 1350 K

    D) 1050 K

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  • question_answer29) Gas exerts pressure on the walls of the container because:

    A) gas has weight

    B) gas molecules have momentum

    C) gas molecules collide with each other

    D) gas molecules collide with the walls of the container

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  • question_answer30) The inside and outside temperatures of a refrigerator are 273 K and 303 K respectively. Assuming that refrigerator cycle is reversible, for every joule of work done, the heat delivered to the surrounding will be:

    A) 10 J

    B) 20 J

    C) 30 J

    D) 50 J

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  • question_answer31) In an energy recycling process,\[X\text{ }g\]of steam at \[100{}^\circ C\]becomes water at\[100{}^\circ C\] which converts V g of ice at\[0{}^\circ C\]into water at\[100{}^\circ C\]. The ratio of X & Y will be:

    A) \[\frac{1}{3}\]

    B) \[\frac{2}{3}\]

    C) 3

    D) 2

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  • question_answer32) The surface temperature of the sun is T K and the solar constant for a plate is S. The sun subtends an angle\[\theta \]at the planet Then:

    A) \[S\propto {{T}^{4}}\]

    B) \[S\propto {{T}^{2}}\]

    C) \[S\propto {{\theta }^{2}}\]

    D) \[S\propto {{\theta }^{2}}\]

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  • question_answer33) A body at a temperature of\[728{}^\circ C\]and has surface area 5 cm, radiates 300 J of energy each minute. The emissivity is: (Given: Boltzmann constant\[=5.67\times {{10}^{-8}}\]watt\[{{m}^{2}}{{K}^{4}}\])

    A) \[e=0.18\]

    B) \[e=0.02\]

    C) \[e=0.2\]

    D) \[e=0.15\]

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  • question_answer34) If at NTP velocity of sound in a gas is 1150 m/s, then the rms velocity of gas molecules at NTP is: (Given\[R=8.3\text{ }joule/mol/K,\]\[{{C}_{p}}=4.8cal/mol/K\])

    A) 1600 m/s

    B) 1532.19 m/s

    C) 160 m/s

    D) zero

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  • question_answer35) If\[\sigma =\]surface charge density,\[\varepsilon =\]electric permittivity, the dimensions of\[\frac{\sigma }{\varepsilon }\]are same as:

    A) electric force

    B) electric field intensity

    C) pressure

    D) electric charge

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  • question_answer36) For circuit the equivalent capacitance between P & Q is:

    A) \[6C\]

    B) \[4C\]

    C) \[\frac{3C}{2}\]

    D) \[\frac{6C}{11}\]

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  • question_answer37) A wire has resistance \[12\,\Omega \]. It is bent in the form of a circle. The effective resistance between the two points on any diameter of the circle is:

    A) \[12\,\Omega \]

    B) \[24\,\Omega \]

    C) \[6\,\Omega \]

    D) \[3\,\Omega \]

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  • question_answer38) If two identical heaters each rated as (1000 W, 220 V) are connected in parallel to 220 volt, then the total power consumed is:

    A) 200 W

    B) 2500 W

    C) 250 W

    D) 2000 W

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  • question_answer39) A conducting circular loop of radius r carries a constant current\[I\]. It is placed in a uniform magnetic field\[{{B}_{0}}\]such that\[{{B}_{0}}\]is perpendicular to the plane of the loop. The magnetic force acting on the loop is:

    A) \[Ir\,{{B}_{0}}\]

    B) \[2\pi Ir\,{{B}_{0}}\]

    C) \[\pi Ir\,{{B}_{0}}\]

    D) \[0\]

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  • question_answer40) In the given figure, the loop is fixed but straight wire can move. The straight wire will:

    A) remain stationary

    B) move towards the loop

    C) move away from the loop

    D) rotates about the axis

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  • question_answer41) At a point on the right bisector of a magnetic dipole, the magnetic:

    A) potential varies as\[\frac{1}{{{r}^{2}}}\]

    B) potential is zero at all points on the right bisector

    C) field varies as\[{{r}^{3}}\]

    D) field is perpendicular to the axis of dipole

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  • question_answer42) The couple acting on a magnet of length 10 cm and pole strength 15 Am, kept in a field of \[B=2\times {{10}^{-5}}T,\]at an angle of\[30{}^\circ ,\]is:

    A) \[1.5\times {{10}^{-5}}Nm\]

    B) \[1.5\times {{10}^{-3}}Nm\]

    C) \[1.5\times {{10}^{-2}}Nm\]

    D) \[1.5\times {{10}^{-6}}Nm\]

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  • question_answer43) In a step-up transformer, the number of turns in:

    A) primary are less

    B) primary are more

    C) primary & secondary are equal

    D) primary are infinite

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  • question_answer44) 1 If a circuit made up of a resistance 10 and inductance 0.01H, an alternating emf 200 volt at 50 Hz is connected, then the phase difference between the current and the emf in the circuit is:

    A) \[{{\tan }^{-1}}(\pi )\]

    B) \[{{\tan }^{-1}}\left( \frac{\pi }{2} \right)\]

    C) \[{{\tan }^{-1}}\left( \frac{\pi }{4} \right)\]

    D) \[{{\tan }^{-1}}\left( \frac{\pi }{3} \right)\]

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  • question_answer45) An a. c. is represented by\[e=220\text{ }sin(100\pi )t\]volt and is applied over a resistance of 110 ohm. The heat produced in 7 minute is:

    A) \[11\times {{10}^{3}}cal\]

    B) \[22\times {{10}^{3}}cal\]

    C) \[33\times {{10}^{3}}cal\]

    D) \[25\times {{10}^{3}}cal\]

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  • question_answer46) The wave length of a radio wave of frequency of 1 MHz is:

    A) 400m

    B) 300m

    C) 350m

    D) 200m

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  • question_answer47) The correct option, if speed of gamma rays,\[x-\]rays and micro waves are \[{{\upsilon }_{g}},{{\upsilon }_{x}}\]\[\And \,{{\upsilon }_{m}}\] respectively will be:

    A) \[{{\upsilon }_{g}}>{{\upsilon }_{x}}>\,{{\upsilon }_{m}}\]

    B) \[{{\upsilon }_{g}}<{{\upsilon }_{x}}<\,{{\upsilon }_{m}}\]

    C) \[{{\upsilon }_{g}}>{{\upsilon }_{x}}>\,{{\upsilon }_{m}}\]

    D) \[{{\upsilon }_{g}}={{\upsilon }_{x}}=\,{{\upsilon }_{m}}\]

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  • question_answer48) The electric field E and magnetic field B in electromagnetic waves are:

    A)  parallel to each other

    B)  inclined at an angle of \[45{}^\circ \]

    C)  perpendicular to each other

    D)  opposite to each other

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  • question_answer49) Considering normal incidence of ray, the equivalent refractive index of combination of two slabs shown in figure is:

    A) 1.8

    B) 1.43

    C) 2

    D) none of these

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  • question_answer50) To obtain a good photographic print, an exposure of 2 s at a distance of 1 m from a 75 cd bulb is done. To obtain an equally satisfactory result, what should be the distance, if time of exposure is 12 s from a 50 cd bulb:

    A) 1 m

    B) 2 m

    C) 3 m

    D) 4m

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  • question_answer51) In Youngs double slit experiment, the spacing between the slits is d and wave length of light used is\[6000\overset{o}{\mathop{\text{A}}}\,\]. If the angular width of a fringe formed on a distant screen is\[1{}^\circ ,\] then value of d is:

    A) 1 mm

    B) 0.0.5 mm

    C) 0.03 mm

    D) 0.01 mm

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  • question_answer52) In a Youngs experiment, one of the slit is covered with a transparent sheet of thickness \[3.6\times {{10}^{-3}}cm\]due to which position of central fringe shifts to a position originally occupied by 30th bright fringe. The refractive index of the sheet, if\[\lambda \text{= }6000\overset{o}{\mathop{\text{A}}}\,\]is:

    A) 1.5

    B) 1.2

    C) 1.3

    D) 1.7

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  • question_answer53) Polarisation of light proves:

    A) corpuscular nature of light

    B) quantum nature of light

    C) transverse wave nature of light

    D) longitudinal wave nature of light

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  • question_answer54) Three particles having charges in the ratio of \[2:3:5,\]produce the same point on the photographic film in Thomson experiment. Their masses are in the ratio of:

    A) \[2:3:5\]

    B) \[5:3:2\]

    C) \[15:10:6\]

    D) \[3:5:2\]

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  • question_answer55) In terms of Rydberg constant R, the wave number of the first Balmer line is:

    A) \[R\]

    B) \[3R\]

    C) \[\frac{5R}{36}\]

    D) \[\frac{8R}{9}\]

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  • question_answer56) In nuclear reaction: \[_{2}H{{e}^{4}}{{+}_{Z}}{{X}^{4}}{{\xrightarrow[{}]{{}}}_{Z+2}}{{Y}^{A+3}}{{+}_{Z}}{{M}^{A}}\] where M denotes

    A) electron

    B) positron

    C) proton

    D) neutron

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  • question_answer57) If the de-Broglie wavelength of a proton is \[{{10}^{-13}}m,\]the electric potential through which it must have been accelerated is:

    A) \[4.07\times {{10}^{4}}\,V\]

    B) \[8.2\times {{10}^{4}}\,V\]

    C) \[8.2\times {{10}^{3}}\,V\]

    D) \[4.07\times {{10}^{5}}\,V\]

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  • question_answer58) \[n\]alpha particles per second are emitted from N atoms of a radioactive element. The half-life of radioactive element is:

    A) \[\frac{n}{N}\sec \]

    B) \[\frac{N}{n}\sec \]

    C) \[\frac{0.693}{n}\sec \]

    D) \[\frac{0.693n}{N}\sec \]

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  • question_answer59) Depletion layer consists of:

    A) electrons

    B) protons

    C) mobile ions

    D) immobile ions

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  • question_answer60) In a semiconductor diode, the barrier potential offers opposition to only:

    A) majority carrier in both regions

    B) minority carrier in both regions

    C) free electrons in the n-region

    D) holes in the p-region

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  • question_answer61) Maximum entropy will be in which of the following?

    A) Ice

    B) Liquid water

    C) Snow

    D) Water vapours

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  • question_answer62) What is obtained when chlorine is passed in boiling toluene and product is hydrolysed?

    A) o-Cresol

    B) p-Cresol

    C) 2, 4-DihydroxytoIuene

    D) Benzyl alcohol

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  • question_answer63) Which of the following has covalent bond?

    A) \[N{{a}_{2}}S\]

    B) \[AlC{{l}_{3}}\]

    C) \[NaH\]

    D) \[MgC{{l}_{2}}\]

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  • question_answer64) Which of the following acts as an oxidising as well as reducing agent?

    A) \[N{{a}_{2}}O\]

    B) \[N{{a}_{2}}{{O}_{2}}\]

    C) \[NaN{{O}_{3}}\]

    D) \[NaN{{O}_{2}}\]

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  • question_answer65) What is the oxidation state of P in\[Ba{{({{H}_{2}}P{{O}_{2}})}_{2}}?\]

    A) \[+1\]

    B) \[+2\]

    C) \[+3\]

    D) \[-1\]

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  • question_answer66) Which of the following molecules has pyramidal shape?

    A) \[PC{{l}_{3}}\]

    B) \[S{{O}_{3}}\]

    C) \[CO_{3}^{2-}\]

    D) \[NO_{3}^{-}\]

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  • question_answer67) Maximum number of hydrogen bonding in\[{{H}_{2}}O\]is:

    A) \[1\]

    B) 2

    C) 3

    D) 4

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  • question_answer68) Number of isomers possible for\[{{C}_{4}}{{H}_{8}}O\]is:

    A) 3

    B) 4

    C) 5

    D) 6

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  • question_answer69) \[{{C}_{6}}{{H}_{5}}-CH=CHCHO\xrightarrow[{}]{X}\] \[{{C}_{6}}{{H}_{5}}CH=\text{ }CHC{{H}_{2}}OH\] In the above sequence X can be:

    A) \[{{H}_{2}}/Ni\]

    B) \[NaB{{H}_{4}}\]

    C) \[{{K}_{2}}C{{r}_{2}}{{O}_{7}}/{{H}^{+}}\]

    D) both [a] and [b]

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  • question_answer70) For a reaction\[{{H}_{2}}+{{I}_{2}}2HI\]at 721 K, the value of equilibrium constant is 50. If 0.5 mols each of\[{{H}_{2}}\]and\[{{I}_{2}}\]is added to the system the value of equilibrium constant will be:

    A) 40

    B) 60

    C) 50

    D) 30

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  • question_answer71) Schottky defect generally appears in:

    A) \[NaCl\]

    B) \[KCl\]

    C) \[CsCl\]

    D) all of these

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  • question_answer72) The ability of a given substance to assume two or more crystalline structure is called:

    A) amorphism

    B) isomorphism

    C) Polymorphism

    D) isomerism

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  • question_answer73) A cricket ball of 0.5 kg is moving with a velocity of 100 m/sec. The wavelength associated with its motion is:

    A) 1/100 cm

    B) \[6.6\times {{10}^{-34}}m\]

    C) \[1.32\times {{10}^{-35}}m\]

    D) \[6.6\times {{10}^{-28}}m\]

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  • question_answer74) Which among the following species have the same number of electrons in its outermost as well as penultimate shell?

    A) \[M{{g}^{2+}}\]

    B) \[{{O}^{2-}}\]

    C) \[{{F}^{-}}\]

    D) \[C{{a}^{2+}}\]

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  • question_answer75) \[\Delta E{}^\circ \]of combustion of isobutylene is \[-X\text{ }kJ\text{ }mo{{l}^{-1}}\]. The value of\[\Delta H{}^\circ \]is:

    A) \[=\Delta E{}^\circ \]

    B) \[>\Delta E{}^\circ \]

    C) \[=0\]

    D) \[<\Delta E{}^\circ \]

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  • question_answer76) At\[90{}^\circ C,\]pure water has\[{{H}_{3}}{{O}^{+}}\]ion concentration of \[{{10}^{-6}}mol/{{L}^{-1}}\]. The\[{{K}_{\omega }}\]at \[90{}^\circ C\]is:

    A) \[{{10}^{-6}}\]

    B) \[{{10}^{-14}}\]

    C) \[{{10}^{-12}}\]

    D) \[{{10}^{-8}}\]

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  • question_answer77) A gas is found to have a formula\[{{[CO]}_{x}}\].If its vapour density is 70, the value of\[x\]is:

    A) 2.5

    B) 3.0

    C) 5.0

    D) 6.0

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  • question_answer78) Which of the following represents soap?

    A) \[{{C}_{17}}{{H}_{35}}COOK\]

    B) \[{{C}_{17}}{{H}_{35}}COOH\]

    C) \[{{C}_{15}}{{H}_{31}}COOH\]

    D) \[{{({{C}_{17}}{{H}_{35}}COO)}_{2}}Ca\]

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  • question_answer79) Aspirin is chemically:

    A) methyl benzoate

    B) ethyl salicylate

    C) acetyl salicylic acid

    D) o-hydroxy benzoic acid

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  • question_answer80) Vitamin\[{{B}_{6}}\]is known as :

    A) Pyridoxin

    B) Thiamine

    C) Tocopherol

    D) Riboflavin

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  • question_answer81) Which of the following compounds is found abundantly in nature?

    A) Fructose

    B) Starch

    C) Glucose

    D) Cellulose

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  • question_answer82) Synthetic polymer which resembles natural rubber is:

    A) neoprene

    B) chloroprene

    C) glyptal

    D) nylon

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  • question_answer83) Which of the following is not a nitro-derivative?

    A) \[{{C}_{6}}{{H}_{5}}N{{O}_{2}}\]

    B) \[C{{H}_{3}}C{{H}_{2}}ONO\]


    D) \[{{C}_{6}}{{H}_{4}}(OH)N{{O}_{2}}\]

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  • question_answer84) The reduction of which of the following compound would yield secondary amine?

    A) Alkyl nitrile

    B) Carbylamine

    C) Primary amine

    D) Secondary nitro compound

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  • question_answer85) Which of the aldehyde is most reactive?

    A) \[{{C}_{6}}{{H}_{5}}CHO\]

    B) \[C{{H}_{3}}CHO\]

    C) \[HCHO\]

    D) All the equally reactive

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  • question_answer86) Which of the following does not contain\[-COOH\] group?

    A) Aspirin

    B) Benzole acid

    C) Picric acid

    D) All have\[-COOH\]group

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  • question_answer87) Which of the following is dihydric alcohol?

    A) Glycerol

    B) Ethylene glycol

    C) Catechol

    D) Resorcmol

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  • question_answer88) Ethyl alcohol is heated with cone.\[{{H}_{2}}S{{O}_{4}}\]. The product formed is:

    A) \[C{{H}_{3}}-\overset{\begin{smallmatrix} O \\ |\,\,| \end{smallmatrix}}{\mathop{C}}\,-O{{C}_{2}}{{H}_{5}}\]

    B) \[{{C}_{2}}{{H}_{6}}\]

    C) \[{{C}_{2}}{{H}_{4}}\]

    D) \[{{C}_{2}}{{H}_{2}}\]

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  • question_answer89) In the first order reaction, the concentration of the reactants is reduced to 25% in one hour. The half-life period of the reaction is:

    A) 2 hr

    B) 4 hr

    C) 1/2 hr

    D) 1/4 hr

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  • question_answer90) For a reaction, \[X(g)\xrightarrow[{}]{{}}Y(g)+Z(g)\] the half life period is 10 min. In what period of time would the concentration of X be reduced to 10% of original conceiitration?

    A) 20 min

    B) 33 min

    C) 15 min

    D) 25 min

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  • question_answer91) The molar freezing point constant for water is\[1.86{}^\circ C/mole\]. If 342 g of cane sugar\[({{C}_{12}}{{H}_{22}}{{O}_{11}})\]is dissolved in 1000 g of water, the solution will freeze at:

    A) \[-1.86{}^\circ C\]

    B) \[1.86{}^\circ C\]

    C) \[-3.92{}^\circ C\]

    D) \[2.42{}^\circ C\]

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  • question_answer92) The movement of solvent molecules through a semipermeable membrane called:

    A) electrolysis

    B) electrophoresis

    C) osmosis

    D) cataphoresis

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  • question_answer93) Which of the following is a primary halide?

    A) Isopropyl iodide

    B) Secondary butyl iodide

    C) Tertiary butyl bromide

    D) Neo hexyl chloride

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  • question_answer94) A gas is found to have the formula\[{{(CO)}_{n}}\]. If its vapour density is 56, the value of n will be:

    A) 7

    B) 5

    C) 4

    D) 3

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  • question_answer95) Aromatisation of\[n-\]heptane by passing over \[(A{{l}_{2}}{{O}_{3}}+C{{r}_{2}}{{O}_{3}})\]catalyst at 773 K gives:

    A) benzene

    B) toluene

    C) mixture of both

    D) heptylene

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  • question_answer96) \[{{C}_{6}}{{H}_{5}}C{{H}_{3}}\xrightarrow[{}]{Cr{{O}_{2}}C{{l}_{2}}}Z\] In the given sequence Z is:

    A) benzaldehyde

    B) toluic acid

    C) phenyl acetic acid

    D) benzoic acid

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  • question_answer97) Nitroethane can exhibit one of the following kind of isomerism:

    A) metamerism

    B) optical activity

    C) tautomerism

    D) position isomerism

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  • question_answer98) A compound has 3 chiral carbon atoms. The number of possible optical isomers it can have:

    A) 3

    B) 2

    C) 8

    D) 4

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  • question_answer99) \[4K{{  }_{2}}C{{r}_{2}}{{O}_{7}}\xrightarrow[{}]{Heat}4{{K}_{2}}Cr{{O}_{4}}+3{{O}_{2}}+X.\] In the above reaction X is:

    A)  \[Cr{{O}_{3}}\]

    B)  \[C{{r}_{2}}{{O}_{7}}\]

    C)  \[C{{r}_{2}}{{O}_{3}}\]

    D)  \[Cr{{O}_{5}}\]

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  • question_answer100) The co-ordination number and oxidation number of X in the following compound \[[X(S{{O}_{4}}){{(N{{H}_{3}})}_{5}}]Cl\]will be:

    A) 10 and 3

    B) 2 and 6

    C) 6 and 3

    D) 6 and 4

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  • question_answer101) In the electrolysis of water, one faraday of electrical energy would evolve:

    A) one mole of oxygen

    B) one g atom of oxygen

    C) 8 g of oxygen

    D) 22.4 litres of oxygen

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  • question_answer102) In which of these processes platinum is used as a catalyst?

    A) Oxidation of ammonia to form\[HN{{O}_{3}}\]

    B) Hardening of oils

    C) Production of synthetic rubber

    D) Synthesis of methanol

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  • question_answer103) If the half life of an isotope X is 10 years, its decay constant is:

    A) \[6.932\text{ }y{{r}^{-1}}\]

    B) \[0.6932\text{ }y{{r}^{-1}}\]

    C) \[0.06932\text{ }y{{r}^{-1}}\]

    D) \[0.006932\text{ }y{{r}^{-1}}\]

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  • question_answer104) On strong heating sodium bicarbonate changes into:

    A) sodium monoxide

    B) sodium hydroxide

    C) sodium carbonate

    D) sodium peroxide

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  • question_answer105) Which of the following is not an ore of magnesium?

    A) Carnallite

    B) Magnesite

    C) Dolomite

    D) Gypsum

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  • question_answer106) Aluminium reacts with caustic soda to form:

    A) aluminium hydroxide

    B) aluminium oxide

    C) sodium meta-aluminate

    D) sodium tetra aluminate

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  • question_answer107) In laboratory burners, we use:

    A) producer gas

    B) oil gas

    C) gobar gas

    D) coal gas

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  • question_answer108) Iron is dropped in dil.\[HN{{O}_{3}},\]it gives:

    A) ferric nitrate

    B) ferric nitrate and\[N{{O}_{2}}\]

    C) ferrous nitrate and animonium nitrate

    D) ferrous nitrate and nitric oxide

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  • question_answer109) When tin is treated with concentrated nitric acid:

    A) it is converted into stannous nitrate

    B) it is converted into stannic nitrate

    C) it is converted into metastannic acid

    D) it becomes passive

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  • question_answer110) The chief impurity present in red bauxite is:

    A) \[Si{{O}_{2}}\]

    B) \[F{{e}_{2}}{{O}_{3}}\]

    C) \[{{K}_{2}}S{{O}_{4}}\]

    D) \[NaF\]

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  • question_answer111) The extraction of which of the following metals involves bessemerisation?

    A) \[Fe\]

    B) \[Ag\]

    C) \[Al\]

    D) \[Cu\]

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  • question_answer112) The composition of the common glass is:

    A) \[N{{a}_{2}}O.\text{ }CaO\text{ }.\text{ }6Si{{O}_{3}}\]

    B) \[N{{a}_{2}}\text{O }.\text{ }A{{l}_{2}}{{O}_{3}}\text{ }.\text{ }Si{{O}_{2}}\]

    C) \[CaO\text{ }.\text{ }A{{l}_{2}}{{O}_{3}}\text{ }.\text{ }Si{{O}_{2}}\]

    D) \[N{{a}_{2}}\text{O }.\text{ }CaO\text{ }.\text{ }6Si{{O}_{2}}\]

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  • question_answer113) \[{{H}_{2}}{{O}_{2}}\]is manufactured these days:

    A) by the action of\[{{H}_{2}}{{O}_{2}}\]on \[Ba{{O}_{2}}\]

    B) by the action of\[{{H}_{2}}S{{O}_{4}}\]on \[N{{a}_{2}}{{O}_{2}}\]

    C) by electrolysis of 50% \[{{H}_{2}}S{{O}_{4}}\]

    D) by burning hydrogen in excess of oxygen

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  • question_answer114) \[{{K}_{a}}\]of\[{{H}_{2}}{{O}_{2}}\]is of the order of:

    A) \[{{10}^{-12}}\]

    B) \[{{10}^{-14}}\]

    C) \[{{10}^{-16}}\]

    D) \[{{10}^{-10}}\]

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  • question_answer115) Which of the following oxy acids of phosphorus is a reducing agent and monobasic?

    A) \[{{H}_{3}}P{{O}_{2}}\]

    B) \[{{H}_{3}}P{{O}_{3}}\]

    C) \[{{H}_{3}}P{{O}_{4}}\]

    D) \[{{H}_{4}}{{P}_{2}}{{O}_{6}}\]

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  • question_answer116) The hybrid state of sulphur in\[S{{O}_{3}}\]molecule is:

    A) \[s{{p}^{3}}d\]

    B) \[s{{p}^{3}}\]

    C) \[s{{p}^{3}}{{d}^{2}}\]

    D) \[s{{p}^{2}}\]

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  • question_answer117) Solubility of iodine in water may be increased by adding:

    A) chloroform

    B) potassium iodide

    C) carbon disulphide

    D) sodium thiosulphate

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  • question_answer118) Noble gases are adsorbed by:

    A) anhydrous calcium chloride

    B) ferric hydroxide

    C) cone. \[{{H}_{2}}S{{O}_{4}}\]

    D) activated coconut charcoal

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  • question_answer119) Which one of the following is not present in R.N.A.?

    A) Uracil

    B) Thymine

    C) Ribose

    D) Phosphate

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  • question_answer120) An organic compound has an empirical formula \[C{{H}_{2}}O,\]its vapour density is 45. The molecular formula of the compound is:

    A) \[C{{H}_{2}}O\]

    B) \[{{C}_{2}}{{H}_{5}}O\]

    C) \[{{C}_{2}}{{H}_{2}}O\]

    D) \[{{C}_{3}}{{H}_{6}}{{O}_{3}}\]

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  • question_answer121) Spiracles found in cockroach are:

    A) 2 pairs in thorax and 100 pairs in abdomen

    B) 2 pairs in thorax and 6 pairs in abdomen

    C) 2 pairs in thorax and 8 pairs in abdomen

    D) 2 pairs in thorax and 4 pairs in abdomen

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  • question_answer122) Common bacteria used in genetic engineering is:

    A) E. coli

    B) Diplococcus

    C) Rhizobium

    D) Spirillum

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  • question_answer123) Characteristic of fern is:

    A) circmate vernation

    B) reticulate venation

    C) parallel venation

    D) none of these

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  • question_answer124) Transfusion tissue is found in:

    A) Cycas

    B) Ginkgo

    C) Pinus

    D) Both a and c

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  • question_answer125) Fats are emulsified by the bile juice because it contains:

    A) enzyme

    B) esterase

    C) bile salt

    D) bile pigment

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  • question_answer126) Arbor vitae is part of:

    A) cerebrum

    B) cerebellum

    C) mid brain

    D) fore brain

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  • question_answer127) The number of cranial nerves in frog and man is:

    A) 10 and 12

    B) 12 and 10

    C) 10 and 8

    D) 8 and 10

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  • question_answer128) Structure connecting the foetus to placeiita is:

    A) umbilical cord

    B) amnion

    C) yolk sac

    D) chorion

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  • question_answer129) Slipper animalcule is:

    A) Paramecium

    B) Trypanosoma

    C) Entamoeba

    D) Protozoa

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  • question_answer130) Hormone responsible for metamorphosis in tadpole is:

    A) adrenaline

    B) thyroxine

    C) aldosterone

    D) vasopressin

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  • question_answer131) Corpus callosum connects:

    A) two cerebral hemispheres

    B) two ventricles of brain

    C) two cerebellar hemispheres

    D) two optic thalamus

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  • question_answer132) Hormone responsible for ovulation is:

    A) LH

    B) FSH

    C) progesterone

    D) testosterone

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  • question_answer133) Blastula of frog is:

    A) amphiblastula

    B) coeloblastula

    C) holoblastula

    D) stereoblastula

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  • question_answer134) Nerve cells do not possess:

    A) neurilemma

    B) sarcolemma

    C) dendrite

    D) axon

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  • question_answer135) Which of the following is not syncytial?

    A) Cardiac muscle

    B) Skeletal muscle

    C) Smooth muscle

    D) Interstitial muscle

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  • question_answer136) What do you mean by the term spermateleosis?

    A) Conversion of spermatids to sperm

    B) Conversion of spermogonium to spermatid

    C) Conversion of spermatid to spermogonium

    D) Conversion of primay spermatocyte to secondary spermatocyte

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  • question_answer137) Gonorrhoea is caused by:

    A) Treponema pallidum

    B) Entamoeba gingivalis

    C) Mycobaciemim leprae

    D) Neisseria gonorrhoeae

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  • question_answer138) The diagrammatic representation of the chromosomes of an individual is called:

    A) idiogram

    B) karyotype

    C) phenotype

    D) diploidy

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  • question_answer139) Elephantiasis causing organism belongs to:

    A) aschelminthes

    B) platyhelminthes

    C) cnidarian

    D) porifera

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  • question_answer140) Right aortic arch is present in:

    A) reptiles only

    B) mammals only

    C) birds only

    D) both b and c

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  • question_answer141) Kwashiorkar is caused due to deficiency of:

    A) calories

    B) hormone

    C) zwitterion

    D) essential amino acid

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  • question_answer142) Darwin travelled in which ship?

    A) H.N.S. Eagle

    B) D. Matrica

    C) H.M.S. Beagle

    D) Titanic

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  • question_answer143) First hormone prepared by genetic engineering is:

    A) oxytocin

    B) somatotropin

    C) adrenaline

    D) insulin

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  • question_answer144) Kidney stones are produced due to deposition of uric acid and:

    A) silicates

    B) minerals

    C) calcium carbonate

    D) calcium oxalate

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  • question_answer145) Aldosterone is secreted by:

    A) zona glomerulosa

    B) zona fasciculata

    C) zona reticularis

    D) zona pellucida

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  • question_answer146) Mammary gland is a modified:

    A) sebaceous gland

    B) mucous gland

    C) sweat gland

    D) none of these

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  • question_answer147) Pacinian corpuscles are abundantly found in:

    A) skin

    B) blood

    C) tissue

    D) kidney

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  • question_answer148) Which is not true for glycolysis?

    A) End product is\[C{{O}_{2}},{{H}_{2}}O\]

    B) Substrate level phosphorylation

    C) Production of ATP

    D) Expenditure of ATP

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  • question_answer149) Bordeaux mixture can be prepared by mixing the copper sulphate with:

    A) sodium chloride

    B) milk of calcium hydroxide

    C) calcium sulphate

    D) lime stone

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  • question_answer150) Law of limiting factor was given by:

    A) Robert Hill

    B) Kelvin

    C) Blackmann

    D) Arnon

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  • question_answer151) Radioactive\[{{C}^{14}}\]is given to\[C{{O}_{2}}\]and released to atmosphere. This\[C{{O}_{2}}\]is taken by\[RuBP\]in a\[{{C}_{3}}\] plant. First radioactive\[{{C}^{14}}\]is seen in which compound?

    A) PGAL

    B) PEP

    C) RMP

    D) PGA

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  • question_answer152) Photosynthetically least efficient radiation is:

    A) blue

    B) yellow

    C) green

    D) red

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  • question_answer153) In non-cyclic photophosphorylation, there are photolysis of 12 water molecules. How many\[{{H}^{+}}\]are formed?

    A) \[24{{H}^{+}}\]

    B) \[36{{H}^{+}}\]

    C) \[12{{H}^{+}}\]

    D) \[32{{H}^{+}}\]

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  • question_answer154) Compensation point refers to:

    A) little photosynthesis

    B) beginning of photosynthesis

    C) rate of photosynthesis equals to the rate of respiration

    D) none of these

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  • question_answer155) The hardest part of drupe is:

    A) mesocarp

    B) endocarp

    C) pericarp

    D) epicarp

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  • question_answer156) Seedless grapes are produced due to:

    A) parthenocarpy

    B) crossing over

    C) parthenogenesis

    D) none of these

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  • question_answer157) Which is used as weedicide?

    A) 2, 4-D

    B) \[IBA\]

    C) \[IAA\]

    D) \[ABA\]

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  • question_answer158) Muscle fatigue is due to:

    A) lactic acid

    B) citric acid

    C) Na

    D) K

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  • question_answer159) As per NeoDarwinism, which is mainly responsible for evolution?

    A) Mutation

    B) Natural selection

    C) Both a and b

    D) None of these

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  • question_answer160) The mechanism of ATP formation both in chloroplast and mitochondria is explained by:

    A) Relay pump theory of Godlewski

    B) Cholodny-Wents model

    C) Chemiosmotic theory

    D) Munchs mass flow hypothesis

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  • question_answer161) What are episomes?

    A) Hereditary DNA of bacterial cell

    B) Extrachromosomal hereditary material of bacteria associated with nucleoid

    C) Modification of the cell membrane performing respiration

    D) None of these

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  • question_answer162) Salivary amylase is also known as:

    A) ptyalin

    B) gastrin

    C) glyoxylase

    D) pepsin

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  • question_answer163) Yeast is not included in protozoans but in fungi because:

    A) it has no chlorophyll

    B) some fungal hyphae grow in such a way that they give the appearance of pseudomycelium

    C) it has eukaryotic organisation

    D) cell wall is made up of cellulose and reserve food material as starch

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  • question_answer164) Which can accept a hydride ion during electron transduction system?


    B) \[FA{{D}^{+}},\text{ }NAD{{P}^{+}}\]

    C) \[FA{{D}^{+}},\text{ }NADH\]

    D) \[FADH,NA{{D}^{+}}\]

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  • question_answer165) Which hormone is maximum in coconut milk?

    A) Gibberellin

    B) Ethylene

    C) Cytokmin

    D) Auxin

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  • question_answer166) Gibberellic acid induces flowering:

    A) in some gymnospermic plants only

    B) in long day plants under short day conditions

    C) in short day plants under long day conditions

    D) in day-neutral plants under dark conditions

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  • question_answer167) Root caps are absent in:

    A) mesophytes

    B) xerophytes

    C) hydrophytes

    D) lithophytes

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  • question_answer168) Somatic hybrids are produced by:

    A) protoplast fusion

    B) tissue culture

    C) pollen culture

    D) hybridoma process

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  • question_answer169) Leaf blade is spinous in case of:

    A) Nerium

    B) Zizipus

    C) Argemore

    D) Cannabis

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  • question_answer170) The histogens are classified on the basis of:

    A) cells they contain

    B) cells they give rise to future tissue

    C) meristematic activity

    D) cell division

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  • question_answer171) During cell division, chromosome attaches with spindles:

    A) kinetochore

    B) centrosome

    C) centriole

    D) secondary constriction

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  • question_answer172) Inverted pyramid is found in:

    A) biomass pyramid of aquatic system

    B) energy pyramid of grassland

    C) biomass pyramid of grassland

    D) pyramid of number of aquatic system

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  • question_answer173) Father of green revolution in India is:

    A) M.S. Swaminathan

    B) N. Borlaug

    C) R. Mishra

    D) P. Maheswari

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  • question_answer174) Stanley Miller proposed origin of life by:

    A) chemicaL synthesis

    B) abiogenesis

    C) biogenesis

    D) none of these

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  • question_answer175) Anemophilly is pollination by:

    A) wind

    B) air

    C) insects

    D) birds

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  • question_answer176) Conglobate gland is found in:

    A) female cockroach

    B) male cockroach

    C) Anopheles mosquito

    D) Culex mosquito

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  • question_answer177) Parenchymatous cells are found in:

    A) pulp of fruit

    B) seeds

    C) endocarp

    D) skin of fruit

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  • question_answer178) Quiescent centre is a:

    A) weak zone

    B) active zone

    C) inactive zone

    D) strong base

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  • question_answer179) The vacuole in the plant cell contains:

    A) tonoplast

    B) cell sap

    C) stroma

    D) matrix

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  • question_answer180) Water reaches the top of a plant due to:

    A) root pressure

    B) capillarity

    C) transpiration

    D) diffusion

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  • question_answer181) Germplasm theory was proposed by:

    A) Weismann

    B) Darwin

    C) Lamarck

    D) Haeckel

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  • question_answer182) The animal which has oval RBCs:

    A) humans

    B) camel

    C) dog

    D) fish

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  • question_answer183) Which of the following represents the condition seen in the family composite?

    A) Superior ovary, syngenesious, single basal ovule

    B) Inferior ovary, monoadelphous, basal placentation

    C) Inferior ovary, syngenesious, axile placentation

    D) Syngenesious, basal placentation and epigynous

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  • question_answer184) Maltose consists of which one of the following?

    A) \[\beta -\]glucose and\[\beta -\]galactose

    B) \[\alpha -\]glucose and\[\alpha -\]fructose

    C) \[\alpha -\]sucrose and\[\beta -\]glucose

    D) glucose and glucose

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  • question_answer185) Which of these is not essential for allogamy?

    A) Self sterility

    B) Dichogamy

    C) Heterogamy

    D) None of these

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  • question_answer186) If turgidity of a cell surrounded by water increases, the wall pressure will:

    A) increase

    B) decrease

    C) fluctuate

    D) remain unchanged

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  • question_answer187) Secondary cells cant divide because:

    A) they lose the ability to divide

    B) they do not have nucleus

    C) they undergo certain irreversible changes during differentiation

    D) all of the above

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  • question_answer188) Mesosome in a bacterial cell is:

    A) plasmid

    B) connection between two cells

    C) plasma membrane infolded for respiration

    D) none of these

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  • question_answer189) First cell produced on earth is:

    A) protobiont

    B) Protozoa

    C) Metazoa

    D) none of these

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  • question_answer190) What is the botanical name of mulberry?

    A) Moms

    B) Antherea

    C) Attacus

    D) Solanum

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  • question_answer191) Meristematic cells have:

    A) thick cell wall and large intercellular spaces

    B) thick cell wall and no intercellular spaces

    C) thin cell wall and large intercellular spaces

    D) thin cell wall and no intercellular spaces

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  • question_answer192) Which has H-shaped grey matter?

    A) Cerebrum

    B) Medulla oblongata

    C) Cerebellum

    D) Spinal cord

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  • question_answer193) Phenomenon of Industrial melanism demonstrates:

    A) reproductive isolation

    B) induced mutation

    C) natural selection

    D) geographical isolation

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  • question_answer194) In lac operon model represser protein binds to which site?

    A) Regulator

    B) Promoter

    C) Operator

    D) Structural genes

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  • question_answer195) The chemical fertilizin is present in:

    A) ovum

    B) sperm

    C) immature ovum

    D) fertilized ovum

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  • question_answer196) The eukaryotic genome differs from the prokaryotic genome because:

    A) DNA is complexed with histones in prokaryotes

    B) repetitive sequences are present in eukaryotes

    C) genes in the former cases are organised into operons

    D) DNA is circular and single stranded in prokaryotes

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  • question_answer197) Temperature changes in the environment affect most of the animals which are:

    A) homoeothermic

    B) aquatic

    C) poikilothermic

    D) desert living

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  • question_answer198) Match column-I with column-IL

    Column-I Column-II
    A. Bulliform cells 1. Stomata
    B. Guard cells 2. Aerating pore
    C. Lenticel 3. Accessory cells
    D. Subsidiary cell 4. Isobilateral leaf

    A) A-4, B-1, C-2, D-3

    B) A-1, B-4, C-2, D-3

    C) A-4, B-2, C-3, D-1

    D) A-1, B-2, C-3, D-4

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  • question_answer199) Tablets to prevent contraception contain:

    A) progesterone

    B) FSH

    C) LH

    D) both b and c

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  • question_answer200) Sperms acrosome has:

    A) hyaluronic acid and proacrosine

    B) hyaluronic acid and fertilizin

    C) hyaluronidase and proacrosin

    D) fertilizin and proacrosin

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  • question_answer201) What did the two persons do after robbing the man in. the car?

    A) They took away the car

    B) They stabbed him in the back

    C) They fled from the spot

    D) They took him to the hospital

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  • question_answer202) Why did the man not respond the two persons?

    A) He was not brave

    B) He did not get enough time to understand what was going on

    C) He was all alone

    D) He had no weapon

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  • question_answer203) Many patients do not like:

    A) strong smell

    B) too many visitors

    C) the colour of flowers

    D) modem sick rooms

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  • question_answer204) Many people think that flowers should not be kept:

    A) near an oxygen cylinder

    B) for the night

    C) near a sick mans bed

    D) in an old room

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  • question_answer205) Plants breathe oxygen:

    A) through their roots

    B) in well-ventilated rooms

    C) in a large quantity

    D) after sunset

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  • question_answer206) Directions: Select the meaning of the words printed in bold. Sagacity increases with age.

    A) maturity

    B) wisdom

    C) love

    D) kindness

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  • question_answer207) Directions: Select the meaning of the words printed in bold. He entertained a sense of rancor against the colleague who had superseded him.

    A) ill-will

    B) disgust

    C) hatred

    D) malice

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  • question_answer208) Directions: Select the meaning of the words printed in bold. A feeling of stillness, almost of suffering came over him.

    A) sorrow

    B) grief

    C) bereavement

    D) agony

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  • question_answer209) Directions: Select the meaning of the words printed in bold. The man vehemently denied all the charges of corruption that were levelled against him.

    A) hysterically

    B) devoutly

    C) serenely

    D) forcefully

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  • question_answer210) Directions: Select the meaning of the words printed in bold. This was her maiden speech and she did very well.

    A) primary

    B) opening

    C) first

    D) girlish

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  • question_answer211) Directions: Select the opposite meanings of the words printed in bold. The murderers guilt has been proved beyond doubt.

    A) excuse

    B) innocence

    C) independence

    D) efficiency

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  • question_answer212) Directions: Select the opposite meanings of the words printed in bold. He had a delectable meal yesterday.

    A) nice

    B) unsavoury

    C) heavy

    D) tasty

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  • question_answer213) Directions: Select the opposite meanings of the words printed in bold. The more you try to dissuade him, the more will he pursue the path.

    A) pursue

    B) advise

    C) persuade

    D) assure

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  • question_answer214) The lowest temperature recorded for any landmass in the world is:

    A) \[-70{}^\circ C\]

    B) \[-100{}^\circ C\]

    C) \[-90{}^\circ C\]

    D) \[-40{}^\circ C\]

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  • question_answer215) Time is to watch as pressure is to.

    A) Barometer

    B) Hydrometer

    C) Thermometer

    D) Lactometer

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  • question_answer216) Among the following words, choose the word that comes first in the dictionary:

    A) Enter

    B) Engagement

    C) Election

    D) Eloquence

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  • question_answer217) If in a certain code STUDENT in coded as TSDUNET, then how TEACHER will be coded?





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  • question_answer218) If INTELLIGENCE is coded as ECNIGELLEINT, then how NATIONALITY will be coded?





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  • question_answer219) If 35698 is coded as 53766, then how 67284 will be coded?

    A) 84332

    B) 86263

    C) 84353

    D) 85352

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  • question_answer220) If 35846 is coded as 63458, then how 24321 will be coded?

    A) 12423

    B) 12234

    C) 14223

    D) 12243

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  • question_answer221) Moon completes its revolution around the earth in how much time?

    A) 29.5 days

    B) 28.5 days

    C) 27.3 days

    D) 29 days

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  • question_answer222) The colour of the paint is .......... from the walls:

    A) falling

    B) corroding

    C) eroding

    D) sticking

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  • question_answer223) If a match starts between India and England at 10.00 a.m, in London, at what time it would be telecast (live) in India?

    A) 6.00 p.m.

    B) 3.30 p.m.

    C) 3.30 a.m.

    D) 10.00 a.m.

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  • question_answer224) Insert the missing number:

    6 11 16 21
    10 14 18 22
    5 8 11 14
    16 ? 20 22

    A) 14

    B) 26

    C) 24

    D) 18

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  • question_answer225) Two arms of a watch show time of 3.30 in a mirror. What is the actual time?

    A) 12.30 a.m.

    B) 9.30 a.m.

    C) 3.30 a.m.

    D) 2.30 a.m.

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  • question_answer226) Directions: In the following questions, find the number which will come next in the series. 15, 5, 17, 7, 19, 9, 21 ?

    A) 23

    B) 13

    C) 11

    D) 25

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  • question_answer227) Directions: In the following questions, find the number which will come next in the series. 2, 5, 11, 23, ?

    A) 36

    B) 34

    C) 42

    D) 47

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  • question_answer228) Directions: In the following questions, find the number which will come next in the series. 94, 88, 82, 96, 70, 104, ?

    A) 52

    B) 64

    C) 60

    D) 58

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  • question_answer229) Directions: Solve the following problems. \[(0.\overline{6}+0.\overline{7})+0.\overline{8}+0.\overline{3}=\]

    A) \[2\frac{1}{5}\]

    B) \[1\]

    C) \[2\frac{2}{3}\]

    D) \[3\frac{2}{5}\]

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  • question_answer230) Directions: Solve the following problems. If the ratio of the areas of two squares is\[1:2,\]then ratio of the parameters of these two squares will be:

    A) \[1:\sqrt{2}\]

    B) \[2:1\]

    C) \[1:2\]

    D) \[1:4\]

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  • question_answer231) Directions: Solve the following problems. If the sum of three consecutive odd numbers is 57, then the middle number is:

    A) 23

    B) 19

    C) 17

    D) 21

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  • question_answer232) Directions: Solve the following problems. If\[\frac{5+2\sqrt{3}}{7+4\sqrt{3}}=a+b\sqrt{3},\]hen values of a and b are:

    A) \[a=-11,b=-6\]

    B) \[a=11,b=11\]

    C) \[a=11,b=-6\]

    D) \[a=11,b=6\]

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  • question_answer233) Which of the following is the largest stadium in the world?

    A) Lords stadium (England)

    B) Eden Garden (Kolkatta)

    C) Rose bowel (U.S.A.)

    D) Strahov stadium (Czechoslovakia)

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  • question_answer234) In which Constitutional Amendment of India the words Socialist, Secular and Integrity were added?

    A) 78th

    B) 42nd

    C) 44th

    D) 52nd

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  • question_answer235) The dimensions of a Tennis court for singles are:

    A) \[60\times 48\text{ }feet\]

    B) \[78\times 28\text{ }feet\]

    C) \[85\times 46\text{ }feet\]

    D) \[17\times 44\text{ }feet\]

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  • question_answer236) In which year UNESCO was established?

    A) 1945

    B) 1950

    C) 1960

    D) 1946

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  • question_answer237) YMCA stands for:

    A) Young Members of Council Academy

    B) Young Mens Christian Association

    C) Yound Mens Cancer Academy

    D) Young Members of Cricket Academy

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  • question_answer238) Who gave the slogan Inquilab Zindabad?

    A) Lok Manya Tilak

    B) Mahatma Gandhi

    C) Shaheed Bhagat Singh

    D) S.C. Bose

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  • question_answer239) Which period is known as the Golden Age of India?

    A) English regime

    B) Mauryas regime

    C) Mughals regime

    D) Guptas regime

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  • question_answer240) First general elections were held in India in:

    A) 1951

    B) 1966

    C) 1952

    D) 1956

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