RAJASTHAN ­ PET Rajasthan PET Solved Paper-2012

  • question_answer Following reaction \[{{(C{{H}_{3}})}_{2}}CBr+{{H}_{2}}O\xrightarrow[{}]{{}}{{(C{{H}_{3}})}_{3}}COOH+HBr\] is an example of

    A)  elimination reaction

    B)  free radical substitution

    C)  nucleophilic substitution

    D)  elecrophilic substitution

    Correct Answer: C

    Solution :

     \[{{(C{{H}_{3}})}_{3}}-CBr+{{H}_{2}}O\xrightarrow[{}]{{}}{{(C{{H}_{3}})}_{3}}-C-OH\]       \[+HBr\] \[\because \]Br is substituted by\[-O{{H}^{-}}\](nucleophile). \[\therefore \] Reaction should be\[{{S}_{N}}1\](unimolecular substitution reaction).

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