RAJASTHAN ­ PET Rajasthan PET Solved Paper-2012

  • question_answer A bimetallic strip is made of two strips A and B having coefficient of linear expansion as\[{{\alpha }_{A}}\]and da. If\[{{\alpha }_{A}}>{{\alpha }_{B}},\] which one of the following describes the behaviour of the metallic strip when heated?

    A)  Strip will bend only when \[\frac{{{\alpha }_{A}}+{{\alpha }_{B}}}{2}>({{\alpha }_{A}}-{{\alpha }_{B}})\]

    B)  Strip will bend but will not elongate

    C)  Strip will bend with metal A as the outer side

    D)  Strip will bend with metal B as The outer side

    Correct Answer: C

    Solution :

     As\[{{\alpha }_{A}}\]is more than\[{{\alpha }_{B}}\]so the length of metal A after rise in temperature will be more than that of metal B. The bimetallic strip will bend in such a manner that metal A will fall on the outer side and B will lie on the inner side of the bent strip.


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