12th Class Economics Solved Paper - Economics 2017 Delhi Set-II

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    Calculate (a) national income
    Shefihere Rs. In Crore
    (a) Net factor income  to abroad (-) 50
    (b) Net indirect taxes 800
    (c) Net current transfers from rest of the world 100
    (d) Net importing 200
    (e) Private final consumption expenditure 5000
    (f) Government final consumption expenditure 3000
    (g) Gross domestic capital formation 1000
    (h) Consumption of fixed capital 150
    (i) Change in stock (-) 50
    (j) Mixed income 4000
    (k) Scholarship to students 80


    \[GD{{P}_{MP}}\]= Private final consumption expenditure + Government final consumption Expenditure + Gross domestic capital formation + Net export                         \[=5000+3000+1000+(200)\]                         \[=9000200\]                         = Rs. 8800 crores             \[NN{{P}_{FC}}\]= \[GD{{P}_{MP}}DepNIT+\left( Nf1A \right)\]                         \[=880015080050\]                         = Rs. 27800 crores

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