12th Class English Solved Paper - English - 2014 Delhi Set-II

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    You are Sampreet, an educationist. You have noticed that the youth of today are often unable to cope with stress and become frustrated and bitter. Write a speech in 125-150 words to be delivered at a college function on 'Youth, their problems and solutions'.
    After Independence India has seen a steep upward trend in the graph of corruption. The public has often become disgusted and disappointed. As Venkat, a well-known journalist, write a speech in 150-200 words on 'Corruption, its causes and solutions'.


    YOUTH, THEIR PROBLEMS AND SOLUTIONS             Good Morning! I am Sampreet and, as an educationist it is my duty to throw light, on the disturbing trend of the youth becoming more and more frustrated in dealing with stress. Aspirations are now high and with this the level of competition and peer pressure among the youth has been increasing with each passing day. The youth is either not yet mature or trained enough to handle so much stress and, therefore, they ultimately act frustrated, easily commit suicide, road rage, barred crimes, drug abuse, looting, rapes ere. At the slightest provocation, they hold out protests and demonstrations. The minimum desired level of tolerance is missing in them. They don?t see any arm violating the norms and fundamental rights.             The solution is a doddle one. The youth of today needs our untinted support; it needs to know that, irrespective of the situation they are in; they are always loved by their parents, teachers and elders. They need to develop confidence in their capabilities. We need to remove the unnecessary pressure that our education system exerts on the young minds; it needs to be eased and, CCE is a positive step in this direction. Counsellors can help the young generation understand and solve their problems. More job opportunities have to be created; better recruitment processes need to be developed; and professional courses that equip them with necessary skills have to be designed.             The most important thing is to impart value based education so that they have high self-esteem, tolerance and patience and more importantly the zeal to create a clean and civilised society and to be good citizens.
    CORRUPTION, ITS CAUSES AND SOLUTIONS             Good morning, friends! 1 am Venkat. As a journalist and a responsible citizen of India, it is my duty to shed light and apprise you, how corruption exists in almost every nook and corner of our country.             Corruption can be understood as misappropriation or government or public property or money. It is an unlawful and immoral, act. Corruption has had a gradual growth in our country. How and why did corruption become so common in our country? India?s colonial past has contributed in flourishing corrupt practices. It is said that corruption cannot survive long in this world. Although with the increase in scientific technology and advancement of the nation, corruption still remains unbeatable. Also, it is not difficult to visualise. The Corruption also has a relation with scarcity and corruption exists especially because of the vested interests and greed of the people in power.             It is the spasmodic snare of corruption which springs from all prodigality and dissipation. Whatever the reason may be, corruption is an ill practice that is seen as the major hindrance in the process of economic growth and modernization of the nation. The need for an anti-corruption bill like Jan Lokpal has long been discerned now. But, in a Democracy like India, the power of the common man should not be underestimated. Constant vigil and intervention by the civil society is also required to bring positive changes in the country. Punishment must be increased and illegally confiscated wealth must be recovered. As aware citizens and of course as a united whole, we must overcome our fears and work towards bringing about a corruption free society.

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