12th Class Geography Solved Paper - Geography 2012 Delhi Set-I

  • question_answer Explain and five problems of rural settlements in the developing countries of the world.  


    Major problem of rural settlements in the developing countries of the world are:
    (i) Rural settlements in the developing countries have poor infrastructure facilities.
    (ii) Supply of water to rural settlements in developing countries is not adequate. People in villages, particularly in mountains and arid areas have to walk along distances to fetch drinking water.
    (iii) Water borne diseases such as cholera and jaundice are common problem because of lack of safe drinking water and unhygienic conditions.
    (iv) Villages are adversely affected by conditions of drought and flood. This in turn affects the crop cultivation.
    (v) The absence of toilet and garbage disposal facilities cause health related problems.
    (vii) Most houses have no proper ventilation.
    (viii) Unmetalled roads and lack of modern communication network causes difficulties in providing emergency services.
    (ix) It is also difficult to provide adequate health and educational infrastructure for large rural population. The problem is particularly serious where houses are, scattered over a large area.


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