12th Class Geography Solved Paper - Geography 2015 Delhi Set-I

  • question_answer Explain five factors that influence the industrial location in the world.


    Factors influencing the Industrial location are:
    (i) Access to market: Industries are looking for locations as near as possible to their markets. It helps in reducing the transport cost and enables the consumer to get things at cheaper rates. Ready market is also essential for perishable and heavy commodities.
    (ii) Access to raw material: The raw materials is very important for the manufacturing industry. The raw materials which get reduced in weight during manufacturing process influence the industry to be located near the source for example location of sugar mills in Maharashtra and western Uttar Pradesh and iron and steel industry in West Bengal-Bihar-Orissa belt.
    (iii) Access to labour supply: The availability of both unskilled and skilled, or technically qualified manpower, is an important factor that influences the location of industries. Some of the small scale industries traditionally associated with labour is glasswork (Firozabad), brass work (Moradabad), utensils (Yamunanagar in Haryana), silk sarees (Varanasi), carpets (Mirzapur), etc.
    (iv) Access to sources of energy: Regular supply of power is a prerequisite for the localization of industries. Coal, mineral oil and hydro-electricity are the three important conventional sources of power. Most of the industries are located near the source of power for example the iron and steel industry which depends on large quantities of cooking coal as source of power are located near the coal fields.
    (v) A good network of transpart and communication facilities are essential for industrial development as it helps in proem-rent of raw materials and distribution of finished products to the market.

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