12th Class Geography Solved Paper - Geography 2016 Delhi Set-II

  • question_answer 'Low productivity' and 'Fragmentation of land holdings' are the major problems of Indian agriculture.? Suggest and explain measures to overcome these problems.


    The pressure of increasing population and the practice of dividing land equally among the heirs has caused excessive sub divisions of farm holdings. Consequently, the holdings are small and fragmented. The small size of holdings makes farming activity uneconomical and leads to social tension, violence and discontentment. Consolidation of village lands and cooperative farming will ease the burden of fragmented land holdings.
                Indian soils have been used for growing crops for thousands of years which have resulted in the depletion of soil fertility. With deforestation the sources of maintaining natural fertility of soil has been drying out. Lack of material resources and ignorance of scientific knowledge have further depleted the soils of the natural fertility. This is a serious problem which can be solved by using more manures and fertilizers. It has been felt that organic manures are essential for keeping the soil in good health. The government has given high incentive especially in the form of heavy subsidy for using chemical fertilizers.


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