12th Class Geography Solved Paper - Geography 2016 Delhi Set-III

  • question_answer Explain how the ?modern agricultural technology? and ?expansion of irrigation? played a crucial role in enhancing agricultural output in India.


    There has been a significant increase in agricultural output due to improvement in technology and expansion of irrigation.
    (i) Production and yield of many crops such as rice and wheat has increased at an impressive rate. Among the other crops, the production of sugarcane, oilseeds and cotton has also increased appreciably. India ranks first in the second largest producer of rice, wheat, groundnut, sugarcane and vegetables.     
    (ii) Expansion or irrigation has played a very crucial, role in enhancing agricultural output in the country, it provided basis for introduction of modern agricultural technology such as high yielding varieties of seeds, chemical fertilizers, pesticides and farm machinery. The net irrigated area in the country has increased from 20.85 to 54.66 million ha over the period 1950-51 to 2000-01.
                Over these 50 years, area irrigated more than once 1.11 an agricultural year has increased from 1.71 to 20.46 million ha. This spurt of agricultural growth came to be known as ?Green Revolution?. This also gave impetus to the development of a large number of agro - inputs agro - processing industries and small-scale industries. This strategy of agricultural development made the country self - reliant in food grain production.


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