12th Class Geography Solved Paper - Geography 2018

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    'Gathering and hunting are the primitive economic activities meant for the subsistence of tribal societies, but in modern times gathering is market oriented and has become commercial.' Examine the statement.


    Primitive societies depend on wild animals and edible plants for their survival. Gathering and Hunting are such old economic activities. These are carried out at different levels in different orientations.
                Gathering is practised in regions with harsh climatic conditions. It often involves primitive societies, who extract both plants and animals for their survival.
    It is practised in:
    (i) High latitude zones which include Northern Canada, Northern Eurasia and Southern Chile.
    (ii) Low latitude zones such as the Amazon Basin, etc.
    In modern times, gathering is market oriented and has commercial value due to the following reasons:
    (i) Gatherers collect valuable plants such as leaves, barks of trees and medicinal plants and after simple processing sell the products in the market.
    (ii) They use various parts of plants, for example, the bark is used for quinine, tanin extract and cork leaves supply materials for beverages, drugs, cosmetics, fibres, thatch and fabrics, nuts for food and oils and tree trunk yield rubber, balata, gums and resins.
                Thus, this is how gathering is market-oriented and has become commercial.

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