12th Class History Solved Paper - History 2012 Outside Delhi Set-I

  • question_answer 'For members of the nobility under the Mughals, imperial service was a way of acquiring power, wealth and highest possible reputation.' Examine the statement.


    Imperial services were created by Akbar. It was based on ability rather than birth, whose members were obliged to serve wherever required. This system of administration was based on loyal service and cash payments.
                A person wishing to join the service petitioned through a noble, who presented a tajwiz to the emperor. If the applicant was found suitable a mansab was granted to him. Thus getting a mansab meant a high prestige.
                Akbar gave mansabs to Rajput kings such as Raja Bharmal Kuchhwaha and Indian Muslims. Iranians gained high offices under Jahangir and Aurangzeb appointed Rajputs to high positions, and under him the Marathas accounted for a sizeable number within the body of officers. Members of Hindu castes inclined towards education and accountancy were also promoted such as Akbar?s finance minister, Raja Todar Mal, who belonged to the Khatri caste.
                The nobles participated in military campaigns with their armies and also served as officers of the empire in the provinces. Each military commander recruited, equipped and trained the main striking arm of the Mughal army, the cavalry. The troopers maintained superior horses branded on the flank by the imperial mark.
                Thus the nobles in imperial service had power, wealth as well as prestige.

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