12th Class History Solved Paper - History 2012 Outside Delhi Set-I

  • question_answer How did the white officers make it a point, during the 1820s till 1840s to maintain friendly relations with the sepoys? Describe briefly.


    The relationship of the sepoys with their superior white officers underwent a significant change from what they were from 1820s to 1840s and what they were after that.
                During 1820s to 1840s British officials maintained friendly relations with sepoys and tried to mingle with them. There was not a very sharp divide of inferiority and superiority.
                British would take part in leisure activities of sepoys such as wrestling with them, fencing and going out hawking.
                Many of them tried to establish connection through language also and many were fluent in Hindustani and were familiar with the customs and culture of the country. There was mutual trust among sepoys and British officials.
                These officers were disciplinarian and father figure rolled into one. There was almost equal treatment and they did not have sense of superiority. There was no discrimination and teasing the sepoys for racial inferiority unlike what happened after 1840s.
                There was no abuse and physical violence which became common after 1840s and thus the distance between sepoys and officers grew.

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