12th Class History Solved Paper - History 2012 Outside Delhi Set-I

  • question_answer A communist member, Somnath Lahiri, saw the dark hand of British imperialism hanging over the deliberations of the Constituent Assembly. Examine the statement and give your own views in support of your Answer.


    Constituent Assembly deliberations starred la late 1946 and India was still under the crown rule by then it is in this background that Somnath Lahiri opined the given statement.
                He said that there is influence of British imperialism on the deliberations and the deliberations are not independent of interference from British. Though an interim administration headed by Jawaharlal Nehru was m place but it could only operate under the directions of the Viceroy and the British Government in London. For any dispute Indians had to go to Federal court or go to England to put forth the point.
                Thus he said that the final power was still in. the hands of British. Therefore Lahiri suggested that India should declare independence then and there.
                Though Lahiri was not wrong in his stand as British government had some conditions within which the Constituent Assembly was to function but going by the practical reality, it was clear that British influence could not be washed away.
                As Nehru ji said that source of strength of Constituent Assembly is derived from the will of people and not from British government?s charity. Therefore, as was done, it was in the interests of Indians that Constituent Assembly worked and expressed aspirations, such as democracy, equality, justice etc., of those who participated in the movement. Our Constitution today, which we are proud of, was prepared by the Constituent Assembly.

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