12th Class History Solved Paper - History 2014 Outside Delhi Set-II

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    Mention any three evidences that reflected the disappearance of Harappan civilization by 1800 BCE. Explain any two factors that led to the abandonment of the Harappan sites (cities).


    Archeologists find decreased number of material artifacts during 1800 BCE such as beads, seals, weights, long-distance trades etc. Thus it suggests that far fewer materials were used to make far fewer things.
                Also, there is evidence of deterioration of Housing techniques which also suggest in declining urban civilization of Harappans.
                There are varied views about the reasons for abandoning of Harappan sites by people. There are evidences of overouse of landscape, flooding and climate change.
                At the same time, some archaeologists suggest invasion by another people and they found skeletons of massacre.

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