12th Class History Solved Paper - History 2015 Outside Delhi Set-II

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    Describe the opinions of the archaeologists over the central authority of the Harappan civilization.


    Various opinions of the archeologists over the central authority of the Harappa civilization:
    (1) A large building found at Mohenjodaro was labelled as a palace by archaeologists but no spectacular finds were associated with it.
    (2) A stone statue was labelled and continues to be known as the ?priest-king?.
    (3) Some archaeologists are of the opinion that Harappan society had no rulers, and that everybody enjoyed equal status.
    (4) Others feel there was no single ruler but several that Mohenjodaro had a separate ruler, Harappa another, and so forth.
    (5) Others argue that there was a single state, given the similarity in artefacts, the evidence for planned settlements, the standardised ratio of brick size, and the establishment of settlements near sources of raw materials. The last theory is the most plausible, as it is unlikely that entire communities could have collectively made and implemented such complex decisions.

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