12th Class History Solved Paper - History 2015 Outside Delhi Set-II

  • question_answer ?The keeping of exact and detailed records was a major concern of the Mughal administration.? Justify.


    The keeping of exact and detailed record was a major concern of the Mughal administration
    (1) The Mir Bakhshi supervised the corps of court writers who recorded all applications and documents presented to the court, and all imperial orders (farman).
    (2) Agents or wakils of nobles and regional rulers recorded the entire proceedings of the court under the heading ?News from the Exalted court (Akhbarat)? with the date and time of the session.
    (3) The Akhbarat contained all kinds or information such as attendance at the court, grant of offices and titles diplomatic missions, presents received, or the enquires made by the emperor about the health of an officer.
    (4) It was valuable for writing the history of the public and private lives of kings and nobles.
    (5) News reports and important official documents travelled across the length and breadth of the regions under imperial post.
    (6) Round - the-clock relays of foot-runners carried papers rolled up in bamboo containers.
    (7) The emperor received reports from even distant provincial capitals within a few days.
    (8) Agents of nobles posted outside the capital and Rajput princess and tributary rulers copied these announcements and sent their contents by messenger back to their masters. The empire was connected by a surprisingly rapid information loop for public news.

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