10th Class Mathematics Solved Paper - Mathematics-2016 Delhi Term-II Set-II

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    Construct a triangle ABC in which \[BC=6\text{ }cm,\text{ }AB=5\text{ }cm\] and \[\angle ABC=60{}^\circ \].
    Then construct another triangle whose sides are \[\frac{3}{4}\] times the corresponding sides of \[\Delta \text{ }ABC\]


    Steps of Construction -
    (i) Draw a line segment \[BC=6\text{ }cm\].
    (ii) Construct \[\angle XBC=60{}^\circ \]
    (iii) With B as centre and radius equal to 5 cm draw an arc which intersect XB at A.
    (iv) Join AC. Thus, \[\Delta \text{ }ABC\] is obtained.
    (v) Draw D on BC such that \[BD=\frac{3}{4}BC=\left( \frac{3}{4}\times 6 \right)cm=\frac{9}{2}cm=4.5\,cm\]
    (vi) Draw \[DE\parallel CA\], cutting BA at E.
    Then, \[\Delta \text{ }BDE\]is the required triangle similar to \[\Delta \text{ }ABC\]such that each side of \[\Delta \text{ }BDE\] is \[\frac{3}{4}\] times the corresponding side of\[\Delta \text{ }ABC\].


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