10th Class Mathematics Solved Paper - Mathematics-2018

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    Two different dice are tossed together. Find the probability:
    (i) of getting a doublet
    (ii) of getting a sum 10, of the numbers on the two dice.


    Total outcomes on tossing two different dice = 36
    (i) A: getting a doublet
    \[\therefore \] Number of favourable outcomes of \[A=6\]
    \[\therefore \]      \[P(A)=\frac{Favourable\,\,outcomes}{Total\,\,outcomes}\]
    (ii) B: getting a sum 10.
    \[\therefore \] Number of favourable outcomes of B = 3
    \[\therefore \]      \[P(B)=\frac{Favourable\,\,outcomes}{Total\,\,outcomes}\]
    \[\therefore \]              \[=\frac{3}{36}=\frac{1}{12}\]


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