12th Class Political Science Solved Paper - Political Science-2015 Outside Delhi Set-II

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    Describe any three environmental concerns that have become issues of global politics.
    Describe any three effects of globalisation on the economy of a country.


    Environmental concerns that have become issues of global politics:
    (i) Throughout the world cultivable are is barely expanding anymore and a substantial portion of existing of existing agricultural land is losing fertility.
    (ii) About 1.2 billion people in developing countries have no access to safe drinking water.
    (iii) Natural forest are being cut down throughout the world which has disestablished the climate.
    (iv) A steady decline in the total amount of ozone is taking place in the earth?s stratosphere which is posing real danger to eco system.
    The effects of globalization:
    (i) Globalization has led to similar economic policies adopted by Governments in different parts of the world that has generated vastly different outcomes in different parts of the world.
    (ii) It has involved greater trade in commodities across the globe; the restrictions imposed by different countries on allowing the imports of other countries have been reduced. Similarly, the restrictions on movement of capital across countries have also been reduced.
    (iii) Globalization has led to the flow of ideas across national boundaries; spread of internet and computer related services is an example of that.
    (iv) Economic globalization has created an intense division of opinion all over the world. Those who are concerned about social justice are worried about the extent of state withdrawal caused by processes of economic globalization.
    (v) Globalization generates greater economic growth and well-being for larger sections of the population when there is de-regulation. Greater trade among countries allows each economy to do what it does best.

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