12th Class Political Science Solved Paper - Political Science-2016 Outside Delhi Set-I

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    ?Resistance is the only option available to overcome the hegemony.? Justify the statement by comparing it to other antihegemony strategies.
    Assess the role of ASEAN as an economic association.


    Hegemony can be overcome by die following the given strategies:
    (i) Band wagon strategy
    (ii) Hide strategy
    (i) Band wagon strategy: Some people thing that it is strategically more prudent to take advantage of the opportunities provided by the hegemone. For instance, raising economic growth rates requires increased trade, technological transfers and investment, which are best acquired by working with rather than against the hegemone. Thus instead of engaging in activities opposed to the hegemonic power. This is called band wagon strategy.
    (ii) Hide strategy: Another strategy open to states is to hide. This implies stay away from the dominant power as far as possible. There are many examples of this behaviour. However this wouldn?t seem to be viable for the big countries. This strategy can be attractive policy for small states but it is hard to imagine for mega - states like China, India, Russia and European Union being able to hide for a long time from the influence of US.
    Role of ASEAN as an economic association:
    (i) The economy of ASEAN region is growing much faster than that of the US, EU and Japan.
    (ii) This accounts for the growth in its influence both in the region and beyond.
    (iii) ASEAN is trying to create a common market and production base within the ASEAN States.
    (iv) A mechanism is being evolved to settle and resolve the economic disputes.
    (v) ASEAN has focused on creating a Free Trade Area for investment, labour and services.
    (vi) Its vision 2020 defined an outward looking role for ASEAN in the international community.
    (vii) The current economic strength of ASEAN is being a trading and investment partner to the growing Asian economies such as India and China. Singapore and Thailand.
    (viii) Two ASEAN members signed FTA with India.

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