12th Class Political Science Solved Paper - Political Science-2018 Outside Delhi

  • question_answer Describe any foul: activities of the Dalit Panthers promote their interests.


    Dalit Panthers was a militant organisation of me Dalit youth and was formed in Maharashtra in 1973. Four activities to promote their interests are:
    (1) The larger ideological agenda of the Panthers was to destroy the caste system and to build an organization oi all the oppressed sections like the landless poor peasants and urban industrial workers along with Dalits.
    (2) The movement provided a platform for the Dalit educated 'youths 10 use their creativity as a protest activity Dalit writers protested against the brutalities of caste system in their numerous autobiographies and other literary works.
    (3) Most downtrodden social sections of Indian society sent shock waves in Marathi literary world, made literature more broad based and representative of different social sections and initiated contestations in the cultural realm.
    (4) In the post emergency period Dalit Panthers got involved in electoral compromise; tor e.g., also underwent many splits which led to its decline, organisations like the backward and Minority Employees. (BA.MCEP) took over the space.

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