10th Class Science Solved Paper - Science-2016 Outside Delhi Set-I

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    (a) List two reasons for the appearance of variations among the progeny formed by sexual reproduction.
                (i) Name the part marked 'A' in the diagram.
                (ii) How does 'A' reaches part 'B'?
                (iii) State the importance of the part 'C'.
                (iv) What happens to the part marked 'D' after fertilisation is over?


    (a) Variation is seen among progeny formed by sexual reproduction because.
                (i) Involvement of two different individuals
                (ii) Creation of new combination of variants
    (b) (i) A = pollengrains
                (ii) B = Pollengrain reaches Big Stigma by pollination
                (iii) C = Pollentube helps male gamete to reach the egg (ovule)
                (iv) After fertilisation it converts into embryo.


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