10th Class Science Solved Paper - Science-2017 Delhi Set-I

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    What happens when:
    (a) Accidently, Planaria gets cut into many pieces?
    (b) Bryophyllum leaf falls on the wet soil?
    (c) On maturation sporangia of Rhizopus bursts?


    (a) When planaria gets cut into many pieces, it will undergo a process known as regeneration due to which each piece will grow into a new Planaria organism.
    (b) When Bryophyllum leaf falls on the wet soil, the buds that are produced in the notches along the leaf will develop into new plants by the process known as vegetative propagation.
    (c) When the sporangia of Rhizopus bursts on maturation, the spores present inside it spread in the open environment. Then, with the help of different agents, they are carried to different places and when they land on a favourable surface, they start growing and produces new organism.

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