10th Class Science Solved Paper - Science-2017 Delhi Set-I

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    Explain with the help of an example each, how the following provide evidences in favour of evolution:
    (a) Homologous organs
    (b) Analogous organs
    (c) Fossils                   


    (a) Homologous organs: These organs are similar in form but performs different functions in different organisms. These organs provides strong evidences in favour of evolution. For example, the bone structure observed in the fore limbs of birds and bats, fippers of dolphins and arms of human beings are similar and have same pentadactyl plan but they perform different functions.
    (b) Analogous organs: These organs have different origin and different basic structure but performs same functions. For example, wings of birds and wings of bat have different structures but performs same function of flying. Thus, these organs provides evidences for evolution that they are different in origin but evolved to perform same function to survive in hostile environmental conditions.
    (c) Fossils: Fossils are the preserved remains or traces of animals, plants and other organisms from the remote past. For example, Archaeopteryx is a connecting link between birds and reptiles and it suggests that the present animals have evolved from the existing ones through the process of continuous evolution.

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