10th Class Science Solved Paper - Science-2017 Delhi Set-I

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    You have been selected to talk on "Ozone layer and its protection" in the school assembly on 'Environment Day.'
    (a) Why should ozone layer be protected to save the environment?
    (b) List any two ways that you would stress in your talk to bring in awareness amongst your fellow friends that would also help in protection of ozone layer as well as the environment.


    (a) Ozone layer is a rich zone of ozone found in upper atmosphere. It helps in shielding the earth from the harmful UV radiations. If ozone layer gets depleted, UV radiations can directly reach the earth?s surface and drastically affects the life on earth. For instance, UV radiations coming from sun causes skin cancer. So, it is very important to protect the ozone layer so as to save our environment.
    (b) Some of the ways to protect and stop the depletion of the ozone layer includes not buying products in aerosol cans, maintaining air-conditioning filters and units. In order to halt the depletion of the ozone layer, countries around the world have banned the use of chlorofluorocarbons and other ozone depleting substances. These compounds produce chlorine and bromine atoms high in the atmosphere and these atoms reacts with ozone and destroy it. By reducing the use of fluorescent lights, by minimising the use of vehicles to limit the emission of harmful gases that cause damage to the ozone layer, we can contribute to its protection.

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