10th Class Science Solved Paper - Science-2017 Delhi Set-I

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    (a) Draw a ray diagram to explain the term angle of deviation.
    (b) Why do the component colours of incident white light split into a spectrum while passing through a glass prism, explain.
    (c) Draw a labelled ray diagram to show the formation of a rainbow.


    (a) The angle between incident ray, produced forward and emergent ray, produced backward is known as angle of deviation D.
    (b) The splitting up of white light into its constituent colours on passing through a refracting medium like a glass prism is called dispersion of light. The dispersion of white light occurs because different colours of light bend through different angles with respect to the incident ray, as they pass through a prism. The red light bends the least while the violet the most as shown below
    (c) The given diagram shows the formation of rainbow in the sky.

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