10th Class Science Solved Paper - Science-2017 Delhi Set-I

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    A student took four test tubes P, Q, R and S and filled about 8 ml. of distilled water in each after that he dissolved an equal amount of  \[\mathbf{N}{{\mathbf{a}}_{\mathbf{2}}}\mathbf{S}{{\mathbf{O}}_{\mathbf{4}}}\] in P, \[{{\mathbf{K}}_{\mathbf{2}}}\mathbf{S}{{\mathbf{O}}_{\mathbf{4}}}\] in Q, \[\mathbf{CaS}{{\mathbf{O}}_{\mathbf{4}}}\] in R and \[\mathbf{MgS}{{\mathbf{O}}_{\mathbf{4}}}\]in. On adding an equal amount of soap solution and        shaking each test tube well, a good amount of lather will be obtained in the test tubes:
    (a) P and Q
    (b) P and R
    (c) P, Q and S
    (d) Q, R and S


    (a) P and Q

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