10th Class Social Science Solved paper - Social Science-2014

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    What attracted the Europeans to Africa? Give any three reasons.
    Explain the role played by advertisements in creating new consumers for the British products.
    How did air pollution become a nuisance for the Londoners? What steps were taken to solve the problem?


    (i) Vast resources of land and minerals: In the late 19th century, Europeans were attracted to Africa due to its vast resource of land and minerals.
    (ii) Establishment of plants and mines: Europeans came to Africa hoping to establish plantations and mines to produce crops and minerals for export to Europe.
    (iii) Destruction of cattle disease: The loss of cattle disease destroyed African livelihoods. Planters, mine owners and colonial governments now successfully monopolised what scare cattle resources remained to force Africans into the labour market.
    Role played by advertisements in creating new consumers for the British products:
    (i) When Manchester industrialists began selling cloth in India, they put labels on the cloth bundles to make the place of manufacture and the name of the company familiar to the buyer.
    (ii) When buyers saw ?Made in Machester?, written in bold on the label they felt confident to buy the     cloth.
    (iii) But labels did not carry words and texts. They carried images and were beautifully illustrated with images of Indian gods and goddesses. The printed image of Krishna or Saraswati was also        intended to make the manufacture from a foreign land, appear familiar to Indians.
    The congestion in the 19th century industrial city of London led a yearning for clean country air. Demands were made for new ?lungs? for the city and some attempts were made to bride the difference between the city and the countryside through a Green Belt around London.
                Steps taken to solve the problem:
    (i) Attempts were made to decongest localities, greep the open spaces, reduce pollution and landscape the city.
    (ii) Architect and planner, Ebenezer Howard developed the principle of thee ?Garden City?, a pleasant space full plants and trees, where people would both live and work.


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